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Country: Europe, RU, Russia

  • James John Hollandsworth, M.D. - Ideal Travel Planner & CompanionWith the plethora of information available on the internet for free, sometimes I wonder why travel books are needed anymore. Then I look at a Frommer's book and I remember:

    1. A Dozen "best" lists, all curated, reliable, and from someone who isn't trying to sell me something or taking money under the table--- best museums, wineries, affordable hotels, romantic escapes--- when I read it in Frommer's I don't have to second guess whether I can rely on the information.

    2. Itineraries--- suggested self tours for families, wine lovers, for short and long trips

    3. In depth sections on every area of France, from Paris to Burgundy to the Alps, all in one place.

    4. Almost 800 pages of densely packed information-- more than any website, all in your hand.

    A marvelous resource both for planning and during your trip. Highly recommended.
  • Virgos Merlot - Brutally Honest, Disturbing and InsightfulIf you've listened to Artie Lange on the radio, this is exactly how the book reads. You can hear his voice through the words. Although the book is disturbing and dark, he provides an honest look into what happened and how money ultimately ruined him by allowing him to casually abuse drugs as well as allowing his ego and temper spiral out of control. What I particularly liked about this biography is that he gets into details of how much he was making, spending and that he even did the book for money. This book is nothing like "Too Fat to Fish" which is definitely a much better book because it's more of a collection of stories, but this book fills the gaps on what we really happened on the Stern show towards the end, why we did not hear from Artie for a few years and what it took for him to get back on track as the constant underdog in entertainment.