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  • R. Lester - Great stroller!We shopped around A LOT for a stroller (mainly considering this one, the britax b-ready, and the citi mini). finally settled on this one and very glad we did. it is a larger (heavier)stroller than the city mini, but it works really well on the bumpy cobble stone and brick sidewalks near where we live and i love the large storage and all the accessories that it comes with (we have used them all!). it turns on a dime, and it's not too wide - i can maneuver it around the small grocery stores and parts of the sidewalk that are narrower where we live. i won't take it in places that are narrow AND up a step as it's too difficult with it being heavy (in contrast to the city mini) but for me that is fine. i had heard from some that it wasn't so great as a double stroller, but since we bought it i have seen TONS of people in my neighborhood using it this way and it looks to function fine this way. so we are very happy with this purchase.
    i'll echo the one complaint of another user: My only complaint:
    The peekaboo window is nice and big, but the holes in the mesh are so big that bugs get through easily! I don't understand why they didn't use finer mesh for this.
    oh well, overall a great stroller. we use it in combo with the snap n' go, which we use when going somewhere in the car (mainly to places with smoother sidewalks). we use the vista around town/when walking. i do think it's kind of annoying to fold up now that we are using the toddler seat(non-car seat) so we just leave it unfolded (luckily it fits in our entry way like this).
  • C. Barbour "Tablet Girl" - Awesome toy!Why does anyone feel the need to write a two page review, when it can be summed up in just one word? Well, maybe three~ awesome, awesome, awesome! ! I had a Coby Kyros two years, and decided to upgrade. The technology has been so perfected, there is no comparison. I asked the question on this site about Flash, because I really wanted that, and was told by everyone that Android tablets DON'T have flash. I found out you CAN get a really nice app now called ~ Photon Flash & Browser for Android ~ but only on Google Store. Amazon apps doesn't carry it yet. I have been using it all day, and it seems to be working great. I like some things better on the browser too. So go out and get it, or better yet, order it from Amazon, ~ super fast, great price, free shipping, no tax, what more can I say? The price @ $299 is the best you can get. The new Tab 3 has all the same bells and whistles but costs lots more. I always check on "Amazon reviews" , and your reviews helped me decide to purchase this tablet. So I want to help others to enjoy this great Sammy.
  • Schlemazl Beerbaum "(The One)" - Very happy with this little subI am not an audio guy and understand very little in nuances of the sound. To me its at the level of: "wow, THAT sounds much better than this..." - so I can tell the difference between good and not so good, but when it comes to fine points of sound - no clue. I have a 47" Vizio TV which sounded slightly better than my cell phone. Then I bought it a Vizio sound bar (as a gift to my TV last Christmas). The improvement was dramatic. After a year listening to it, I gotten used to the "good" and started to want "better". Especially since watching movies with big sound effects, helicopters and explosions still left much to be desired in the sound department. So I got this 8-in box hoping it will make things better without taking too much room next to the TV stand.

    BIG difference. This sub has only one RCA input on the back and comes with a long RCA cable to connect to an RCA sub out - which is exactly what my Vizio Soundbar had. It has a power button and the volume button. That it. Super easy for guys like me. In under 5 minutes after opening the box I was enjoying a tremendous improvement on sound. It felt like all of a sudden sound acquired depth and dimension and I felt surrounded by it. Adding this sub to a soundbar has as dramatic effect on sound, as adding soundbar to the TV. It took few more minutes playing with the Volume button to get the right balance between the sound level of the bar and the sub.

    Totally worth the money. Exceptionally well priced and solid product.