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  • Terry Folen "retired and reading" - The story must be told...I will admit, the first 1/3 of the book I found very "skim-able", necessary for setting the stage but not that important or particularly well written, after that...WOW! From where the storm actually hits and Kathy leaves with the kids I was glued to the book. Obviously, I knew he would end up OK, he was able to tell his story, but it was well laid out and I was totally engaged. That these events could and did happen made me sick to my stomach but I'm glad I read it. May these events never take place again.
    Our book group will discuss it tonight, I think that will prove to be a very lively conversation!
  • michael galic - BEST INSURANCE:Peaceful and Dignifying ExitGreat comfort is to know that peaceful pill DOES exist.
    Somehow, SUFFERING, POVERTY, and PAIN are tolerated by the LEGAL HEALTH LAW. However, right to end SUFFERING is NOT!
    Highly recommend this book as the BEST INSURANCE against cruel suffering and the seller.