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  • Catherine - This is the program I have been looking for!!!I have always had a keen interest in nutrition. LIke others, there have been a few added pounds for both my husband and I that we could not lose. We eat very clean and fresh food. We cook, we exercise but the scale was not moving. I have even focused on the acid/alkaline foods with no significant results. We decided to commit to this program to: 1) lose 20 lbs each, 2) help my husband's high blood pressure of 8 years and 3) to lessen the odds of disease due to family history. In one month, my husband has lost 15 lbs., I have lost 10 lbs. and he is completely off his Blood pressure meds. He reduced them slowly as his BP continued to drop to normal. Amazing!!! The journal we keep doing this program of testing and resting is quite telling. One size does not fit all in the world of nutrition and eating. The book is quite informative and the menus, recipes are very well explained. Couple of items I would have liked in the book, although it would have made it a larger book. I would love to have had more explanation about the science of food and inflammation, why certain foods are reactive and non-reactive, what happens to tissue with inflammation hence weight gain, etc. And lastly, I think the indexing could have been a bit better. We are now on the "Plan for Life' and on our own. This will definitely be the "Year of the Test." Could not be more pleased to have found some real answers about how to get ourselves in optimum health. Whether you make the commitment to do this program or not, the information in this book is relevant to everyone.
  • Annie Y. - YES! A data driven book on pregnancy-- a MUST READ!My husband showed me an article on Emily Oster's book (published in the Wall Street Journal, August 9th) and once I read it, I could not wait to read her book. I am 12 weeks pregnant and could not understand the lack of data supporting all of the rules that pregnant women must adhere to. I saw 2 OB-GYN's and both doctors provided differing views, without providing sound data... was it just their opinion they were spouting off to me? That's what it seemed like to me. Women must make their own decisions, at the end of the day, and I am shocked with the negative reviews this book is receiving. This book is a MUST READ FOR ALL WOMEN!!

    The negativity is around drinking --- Emily Oster is NOT supporting drinking while being pregnant. This book provides multiple studies on women who drink and shows us that if you have a drink or two, you are NOT HURTING YOUR BABY. But if you don't agree with this philosophy, then don't drink and mind your own business! There are plenty of women around the world who drink while carrying a child. I highly doubt that the reviewers who are so concerned with FAS have actually read the book!!

    I loved the chapter on miscarrying since there is so much random information online. I too, like Emily's friend in the book, wondered the % of miscarrying at varying weeks. It is comforting to know that there are many reasons why women miscarry and you can't make a generalization as to your chances of miscarrying.

    Another chapter I appreciated was foods you really should avoid. Even though I'm pregnant, I don't want to feel like I can't live and enjoy food! Knowing the foods I must avoid brings me a peace of mind. In addition, I always wondered about listeria and did not believe it would be harmful to me or my baby. But Emily Oster opened my eyes to the seriousness of this bacteria.

    I am so thankful that this book came out during my 1st pregnancy. I felt very lost with all of the information that was provided to me and I kept wondering, "why is there such differing information out there?" This book is a god-send and every chapter is useful and to make it even better, she is HILARIOUS! This author is really funny and she adds personal touches throughout the book so you feel connected to her as well.

    You cannot disagree with data and please do not be influenced by the negative reviews. Please get this book and make your own decision. I am so thankful that I bought the book and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!
  • Maurilia - Very HelpfulThe book goes step by step, teaching you everything there is to know about statistics. It has two practice exams, that way, one can evaluate their progress. The answers to all of the practice problems are also given to you and the steps to solving each problem are explain efficiently and effectively. I have just taken the 2011-2012 AP Exam and found it very easy, thanks to this book. I strongly recommend it. It's a great study tool and a lot less heavier than the bulky textbooks offered at school.