M-Kem 24 Hour Pharmacy - M-KEM 24 hour Medicine City is Cape Town's 24 hour pharmacy with a difference. M-KEM is conveniently situated next to the N1 highway on the Bellville side of Durban Rd. M-KEM is more than just a pharmacy, offering a variety of products and services most of which are pharmaceutical/medical in origin, but extending its range to cover as many of the consumers' requirements as is possible.

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  • Samuel Giannetti - A.L. Weber in the RoughThis was always a favorite selection for me in the early 70s, however, in light of the accomplishments of Andrew Lloyd Weber in the intervening decades this work not only sheds light on the seminal period that brought him into musical scoring prominence but illustrates the rare beauty this collaboration generated. Working with a confabulation of artists such as these, who brought Jesus Christ Superstar to life, must have been a challenge for someone like Weber who obviously is driven by classically inspired structure. The rock idioms met the classical vision in a way unique to this work.
  • Bob Kapolnek - Worked like a charm.I contracted very large warts between my big toe and the adjacent little piggy. I'm fairly confident it happened on a cruise ship after I had abraded the skin between the toes while breaking in a new pair of leather flip flops. The largest was the size of a nickle (big toe) and the next toe had one about a quarter inch in diameter. Nasty little buggers....they swelled up and started to cause a great deal of pain.

    I started trying just about everything on the market; I used the Dr Scholl's freezing product first to no avail. I then tried freezing once a week and then applying salicylic acid every and wrapping in duct tape. It dried the wart out, and I could peel off the dead tissue, but then it would just regenerate. I started soaking it in water every night for 15 minutes, clipping off the dead skin and then applying the acid...again, no positive results. This was a royal pain in the rear as I was spending 20 minutes a day dealing with the darn things.

    This went on for 4 months. I went to the drugstore and found the Compound W freeze off product and decided to give it a try. The instructions said to apply it for 20-25 seconds at each spot. I was so frustrated with my failed attempts at removing the wart that I threw caution to the wind....(DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT ADVOCATING OR RECOMMENDING THAT YOU DISREGARD THE INSTRUCTIONS WITH THE PRODUCT. I AM ONLY RELATING THE MANNER IN WHICH I USED IT WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE POTENTIAL RISK!!).....I held the applicator on each area for over 60 seconds. The warts were so big that it needed 6 separate areas of treatment. It hurt. It sizzled. It turned white...and then -

    Within a few days the warts started turning dark purple/black. They were obviously drying out. The skin started to fall off on its own, and I re-applied after 2 weeks, this time for 30 seconds per spot. Within another two weeks the warts had completely disappeared.

    I should also add that after the first 60 second application of the product my toes hurt like heck for an entire week. In retrospect, it was worth the pain. Trying to rid myself of these was one of the most frustrating episodes of my life.

    Great product. I'm very satisfied with how it worked out.
  • John R. Turner - Klipsch HD beats them all!We recently purchased a Panasonic P60GT50 and wanted a nice sound bar for it. A quick trip over to Costco and we came home with the Yamaha YAS101 sound bar. It was OK if sitting directly in front of them, but lacked fullness of sound and lacked a wide enough sound stage for our room’s configuration. Back to Costco and this time we came home with a Sony BDV-T79 5.1 solution. The Yamaha sounded fuller, and even with the wireless sub and wired surround speakers, the wires kept getting in the way and were not aesthetically pleasing for the room. So, due to our room’s configuration a full 5.1 solution is out of the question and we were off and looking for a good alternative. We tried the Bose CineMate II and found the sound lacking the fullness we desired. Swung past the Bose store and listened to the CineMate 1 SR and wasn’t impressed at all considering their price and the joke of a 3D sound stage they attempted to produce. Off to the Internet and more searching occurred until I stumbled across the Klipsch HD Theater SB 3. They had just been released and I wasn’t able to locate a review anywhere on them, but I had enjoyed a 5.1 Klipsch solution we had used in our previous home so I took a chance on them. Wow, what a difference! This is a great 2.1 soundbar solution that provides (1) a broad sound stage, (2) rich/full sound, and (3) clear dialog. The others could provide 2 of the 3, but not all 3. Hands down, the SB3 is a clear winner.
  • iheartkarma - Amazingly powerful and pretty little thing!I pre-ordered the Prime on November 1st (from a different site since Amazon stopped taking orders) and thank goodness I did! I received it on Dec. 28th and see the price has already gone up. Nuts. Anyway, I had ordered the silver but got a call saying I would be receiving the champagne unless I wanted to wait longer. I was pleasantly surprised at the color...almost more like a pewter than champagne. I am not a techie person and only capable of giving an average user's review of this device. It's super fast and the graphics are ridiculous. I've never been a "gamer" person but I can't stop playing this jet ski game. It's amazing, words can not explain. Water splashes up and it really looks like water is splashing on the screen. Camera takes decent pictures but I have an SLR that will always trump any other camera. It seems to have it all. I have a lot to learn and actually use with this tablet but so far I have no complaints. But for amateurs like me just know...the "user manual" that comes with it is nothing more than directions on how to plug it in and turn it on. The rest you will have to figure out. Also, I was a little surprised to see that when I went to buy a game the credit card number used to purchase the tablet was already programmed in there. One click and boom. Game bought. Convenient? Yes. A little too convenient for a 4 yr old to easily purchase whatever game he feels like playing at the time? Yes. Surely there is some way to password protect this...but I haven't figured it out (no user manual =)
    I can't wait to get the docking station and wish they had been released together. But at the end of the day, I'm happy and would recommend this device to anyone considering an ipad, etc. as I think the android system is more diverse than anything else on the market. Now if I could get my son to understand that Santa brought this for me and not him I might have more to review =)
  • Bianca K. Waters "Bianca" - Almost the perfect camera!This comes from a non professional point and shoot person;)
    This is one of the best cameras available for beginners! It was important to me to be able to pull out the camera, focus and klick as soon as there was a moment with my kids and always moving dogs! All movement pictures came out perfect without me having to set shutter speed or anything! Pre settings work just fine! Yet the camera has a lot of features professionals or learners can use!
    I like the size! It is not as bulky as most DSLRs, but does the job of one!
    A great feature is also the ability to look through the viewfinder when viewing pictures! They pop right out at you! I am able to see every eyelash on my kid etc! This helps to decide if a picture needs to be deleted or not, that would not be possible on a small screen! Another great feature is the ability to take pictures while filming!!!
    Now, the deal breaker to me was, there is no auto zoom while filming:( It is impossible to zoom in while filming without moving the camera! The parts of the movie where I was zooming in or out came out shaking, even grinding and clicking noise from the lens moving in and out was to hear in the movie!

    It was also upsetting that only 5 days after I purchased it, the price came down to $499. Over $100 less than I paid. Amazon would not price match ( I might have kept it for hat money and use something else for movies....... But they didn't)
    Now if Panasonic would ad auto zoom, plus maybe GPS and or public sharing ability, I believe it would be the best camera for beginners and pros alike!