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  • RecruiterGuy - Powerful Shirt, Terrible Dilemma!I work at a technical college and we decided to have a t-shirt exchange (similar to a secret santa exchange) and I immediately thought of the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt because of all the awesome reviews that I read. I thought they might be exaggerated but I really don't think words can possibly do justice to the ferocious power radiating from this piece of apparel perfection!! Just being around the shirt makes me feel better than popping some Vicodin & slamming a PBR. However, I do have 3 concerns about gifting this shirt to my co-worker:
    1.) My co-worker already has awesome abilities at her job. This combined with the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt might help her land a great 6-figure job elsewhere & I don't want her to leave.
    2.) All my other co-workers will be extremely disappointed with their own (plain, non-lupine, non-lunar) t-shirts, thus ruining the whole team-building aspect of the exchange.
    3.) I'm nervous that I might start experiencing withdrawal symptoms after I give it to her. I didn't have the foresight to order more than 1 of the t-shirts and my own Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt won't be her for another week. I'm not sure I can survive that long!
  • Vincent Bucchieri "Vincent Bucchieri" - Good BookThis book has all the up to date information regarding the antibiotics, bacteria, and guidelines to using the medications. It is split up into different sections allowing one to search through the book based off the bacteria or drug they are interested in knowing more about. It also has many reference tables at the end of the book, such as the guidelines for COPD and asthma (plus many more). The format is also very clear and easy to understand. If you need a comprehensive book about antibiotic therapy, I highly recommend this one here.
  • CHRISTOPHER J HENDERSON - Very detailed trail guideI really like the AT Guide 2012. It offers detailed trail markings and waypoints and good descriptions. It is a very important tool for anyone planning a hike on the AT. There are maps, usually for navigating through towns, but I wish that there were maps of each page of the guide. Of course, that would make the book twice as thick and twice as expensive.
  • Jackie - no hot flashes!!!!this product is the best thing I have ever found to help with hotnflashes and night sweats. This is the second one I have owned in the last few years, I would recomend it to anyone that wants to be confortable, especially at night. I live in Florida, and it is hard to find a product that helps you sleep on hot nights.