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  • rsjoquis@hawaii.edu - The New Frontier was reached over a too well-travelled road.Gloria Steinem was once quoted as saying that she had not felt
    like the government was responsive to the people since
    John Kennedy occupied the White House. Perhaps Ms. Steinem should
    be forgiven for her naivete, as all Americans who came of age during
    those years probably should. The average American trusted
    his governmental leaders; they could do wrong, we knew, but
    operated with the best of intentions. A boy in those years, I can
    still recall reading a Dennis the Menace magazine that took baby-
    boomers like myself on a tour of Washington. The golden-haired
    rascal met representatives of the Golden Boy and shook hands with
    the FBI Director, who supposedly made all Americans feel safe
    in a way as innocuous as the tike's incessant antics. I recall, too,
    staring at the black and white images of a wagon (hearse) being pulled by
    strangely unprancing horses, and the unexplainably blank faces of rows of
    adults along the streets. My mother, herself devoutly Catholic and smitten
    with Kennedy's photogenics, stared on in what I now realize was painful
    disbelief. A knight had fallen; his armor unable to save him from
    some mysterious, evil force in the world. How utterly taken in we all were by this dead young President's aura of
    sheer goodness, and light, and spiritedness. But alas, what a masquerade,
    after all. Hersh's book does more than expose the dark side to an American Camelot;
    it suggests to the sober reader that Camelot was, as King Arthur's servant mutters
    in an aside in Monty Python's Holy Grail, "only a model." We wanted so desperately to believe in the dawning of a new era in 1960
    that we conveniently forgot about hardball politics-as-usual. The backroom,
    cigar-biting, cutthroat deal-making couldn't have been Jack Kennedy's way,
    could it? America did not come of age with the unfortunate assassination of its young
    President, after all. It only showed its age: its wrinkles and warts, its
    greasy sidedeals, and its cankerous creations. Hersh's account of the Kennedy presidency, and all that
    created it, should make us realize, if we haven't allowed ourselves already,
    that the New Frontier was reached not through a virgin prairieland conceived by Kennedy's
    self-described Whiz Kids, but over a too well-travelled road in American
    political history--one continuously pockmarked by corruption, deceit, and tired forays
    into self-aggrandizement.
  • D. WALKER - Windows 8 - stick with it and you'll love it.I have been running Windows 8 for about 6 weeks now. At first I wondered: "OMG, What has Microsoft done?" However I now love it.

    It starts up very quickly. VERY quickly. I thought Windows 7 was fast, but Windows 8 is lightning: 5 seconds on my quad 16GB gaming machine. The GUI is clearly optimized for a touch tablet and I don't have a touch tablet (yet), but when I do get a touch tablet, I will enjoy the fact that it will have the same OS as my gaming PC monster. It took me awhile to figure out the Windows shortcut keys, but this has made all the difference. There's a little card that comes in the box with the shortcut keys listed on it. Use the card and it will improve your non-tablet experience.

    There are parts of the new OS that I really love. It surprises me with the way that it connects to the cloud so effortlessly. This is an OS that is tuned for the cloud. I took a trip to London and Paris recently and when I was there it gave me the local weather essentials right on my laptop Start screen. It still has a tile that shows me London and Paris weather (it alternates between the two). I already had a skydrive account and it connected to my account and prompted me to use skydrive to backup my hard drive. It connected with my Twitter and Facebook accounts and keeps a live tile updated for each of those. I have a live tile for my Delta skymiles account and I have a live tile for my phone too. Each tile gives me a summary of what's going on in each place. I love it.

    I was tempted to stick with the old desktop, but moving to the new live tiles is the way to go. Trying to live in both worlds would be a degraded experience and perhaps this is why so many bad reviews are coming in. This was a bold move for Microsoft, but I think it was the right thing to do. As I move to a touch tablet, I know I'm going to love it even more! My iPad now seems clunky by comparison and even my iPhone now seems dated and... silly... or perhaps frivolous. Windows 8 is a serious OS that is genuinely fun to use, without making me feel childish for using it.
  • shallamarm - Great product- it actually worksThe flexbelt was given to be as gift- at first i thought it was crazy and a waste of time.. but i tried it out and i am surprised that this thing actually works. You can see and feel your muscles contract while using it. Ive been using it on and off over last 30 days .. i need to use it more consistently to really note if it has any real results but you do feel that muscle sore the next day just like if you had actually worked out. It cant be bad to add this to your workout because your muscles are actually working. I know a few people that used it while they injured their leg/arm etc and helped them keep in shape during their recovery.