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  • Kaye Elizabeth Berry - Dog Lovers Unite - Underwater Dogs is Unique. review by K.Berry (Christchurch - New Zealand)Seth Casteel is my Hero.If you are ever having a down day and need to smile take a look at underwater dogs.The photographs are stunning and original.Seth captures unique expressions of dogs at play underwater, and you cannot help but smile when gazing on the various expressions and beautiful faces he has captured on camera.Well worth buying his fabulous calender,as I have placed it where I can gaze upon it daily,it never fails to make my day a little more special in every way.
  • D. Cook - I love my kindle fireI love it. Love it. Love my kindle fire.

    In November/December 2012, the world finally changed. A tablet with incredible functionality, finally at a price that anyone can afford. Buying content is easy, installing your own content is easy as it's an open platform. It just works.
  • sh "sh" - still the bestIf you need help, you can get help on the kaspersky forums, although some of the moderators can be rather impatient and snotty. But most folks can install and forget about the program, letting it do its thing on its own.

    Like most security programs these days, the basic functions were worked out years ago and to compete lots of features are added that might not be of much use. As one moderator said of some Kaspersky add-ons

    The bottom line is this:
    -URL Advisor adds nothing to your protection. Bad websites will be blocked regardless of plugin, "green" sites aren't necessarily clean either (design limitation of such feature)
    -Anti-banner plugin only provides an easier way of adding banners to KIS blacklist via right click in FF. Banners will be blocked regardless of plugin
    -Virtual keyboard is useful only when your system is infected. Since the main protection features are working regardless of plugins, there's little chance of you actually getting infected and needing VK."

    Kaspersky antivirus engine is good enough that other antivirus/security software vendors often license the Kaspersky engine for their product.
  • D. Sorel "book lovah" - Peace of MindI am beyond clueless when it comes to anti-virus software. It is for this reason that I bought a Mac because I was told that they have fewer virus problems than PCs. Still, I want to be protected. Additionally, I recently installed software on my computer so I can use both Windows and Mac OS. This concerned me because I knew I had to re-enter the world of anti-virus software. I have been burned in the past by all of the regulars in the market, so I took a stab at Titanium and I couldn't be happier!

    It is so easy to install that once you enter your product key, it just does it on its own. It takes under ten minutes for Windows and is very easy to use. I installed both the Windows and the Mac version and it hasn't slowed my laptop down at all! It can run scans in the background with no interruption to your other computer functions. The interface is extremely straight forward. There is also an option to detect web threats which I downloaded. The scans are quick but thorough and don't annoy me in the slightest. Overall, this is a fantastic product and I will certainly purchase other Titanium products in the future.