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  • C. Nemati - Super-powersI think I've realized something. This cable - it does what it's supposed to, sure, but I think the reason that it is $ comes down to the fact that it transfers its abilities upon the user. Let me explain.

    When I opened the package containing these cables, I felt a strange magnetism as soon as the seal was broken. I was fearful, but I paid $500 for these things, and there was no way I was going to not try them out. I picked up the cables, and felt a strange surge coursing through my veins, tickling up and down until I felt a buzzing in my hippocampus. Reeling, I put my hand out and touched my television for support. Lo and behold, I was no longer watching television...I was watching my own thoughts transferred onto the television. Pornography. Pornography equal to my wildest dreams - for they WERE my wildest dreams. I saw wishes come true. Enemies destroyed. My wildest fears, my greatest hopes. It was as thrilling as it was terrifying.

    I called my girlfriend into the room, held her hand, and touched the television again. She looked on in horror, watching her imagined self carnally ravage my best friend. Needless to say, she is gone from my life.

    These abilities are a gift...but also a curse. I can no longer wish for the life I had, but to see my thoughts, and the thoughts of others, is a horrible thing indeed.
  • Joanne - No Doctor?This is a good book to have in your home library and to use
    in learning how to take care of your family when there is no doctor around.