Metformin Side Effects and weight loss - Anti-Diabetic Drug that helps control blood sugar level & Weight Loss. consult the doctor before taking Metformin Dosage cos it has some Side Effects.

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  • Mithras - Keep your emergency contact list updated.I had this dream of owning a wolf t-shirt. After endlessly searching Amazon for several seconds, my heart lept when I found a shirt with three. It seemed too good to be believable, but thankfully Amazon lets real customers review real items. This allows me to make a more informed decision with my purchasing power. However, I needed to be absolutely sure about this shirt, so I consulted my physician first. The clinic I went to in Cleveland will remain nameless, but I could not get an appointment made for a full evaluation to determine the effects of this shirt. My insurance wouldn't even pre-authorize this. So much for possible preventative care.

    Frustrated and disappointed, I went to the next number in my emergency contact list, and I spoke with my dream consultant. She said, "That's not actually a dream, it's something you thought up. I can't help you with that ... noone can." After charging me for the full hour and a palm reading! She would not look for a wolf t-shirt in my lifeline, either. She said that wasn't the way it worked or something noncommittal like that.

    While looking at various pictures of the shirt on the internet, I had a day breaking life vision (some people call these "thoughts"). I needed to BUY the shirt first. The next time I go to the clinic for a physical, if I am wearing the loveable but unforgiving three wolves and a single moon shirt, all of my numbers will reflect the effects the shirt are inducing. If I fade out into a darkened stasis ("sleeping"), any visions and feelings that remain can be analyzed accurately by my dream consultant.

    The problem with me was myself. Don't ask how much the third number in my emergency contact list charged me for that evaluation.

    Thank you Amazon for your flexible return policy. I doubt I will need to use it, but it's always been there for me just in case.
  • Carolyn - very very goodAlign Digestive Care Probiotic Supplement, 28-Count
    I am very satisfied with not only the price but the prompt delivery every month.I hope this product was not tested on animals, if so I would have to stop using it.Although my doctor recomended align and I have found it quit helpful, I would not be able to continue using it.Procter @ Gamble has been known to use animals for product testing in the past.
  • David Walsh "Governor_Scat" - Great source of knowledgeI have one word for this book: wow! I picked this up as a cheap introduction for the LSAT about a year ago. I find myself coming back to it every so often to reread and refresh myself with the plethora of information contained within. I didn't expect to be so impressed with this book, but it has put me on the path to success with the LSAT. My scores are far above average and I think its mostly because of the help I found with this test guide. The explanations are phenomenal.
  • Treva M. Benjamin - Great value and the kids love it!We just purchased our unit this past week. So far we are really impressed. We have tried 3 flavors and they are all great. Looking forward to trying more. Love the Diet Cola, Diet Pink Grapefruit and the Orange drink. It will be much cheaper in the long run due to the rising cost of soda. If we are lucky, we can get a 24 pack of cans on sale for $5.00-$5.50. Normally they are $6-7.00 or more. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to cut costs on soda.
  • Christopher Powell "Christopher" - Running well with Windows 8 ProI run the Norton 360 on 3 different platforms.. Desktop, Notebook, and Ultrabook. Norton has always been a heavy product, but it doesn't appear to be slowing down the least powerful system in the group. I've executed a full tuneup on all 3 systems.. and this is no small step. The process took several hours. Once complete, there's a nice summary. I've scheduled a monthly tuneup and weekly full along with a daily quick scan..

    Unless its warning me about an attack, virus, or system slowdown... I don't know its there. This is good for my family who doesn't care about the techno stuff.. its just working and they ignore everything else.