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  • Heather - Awesome stroller!Last year(October 2012), I had purchased the Chicco C6 Stroller, which is super light, easy for travel, and doesn't tip over when you take your child out and have a heavy backpack hanging on the handles. Initially, I loved the Chicco but as my daughter got older I realized that I needed a little more to a travel stroller. After comparing multiple strollers, I settled on this one. I purchased this stroller in August or September, and let. me. tell. you...I'm glad I did. I love this stroller and so does my 19 mo daughter! She loves it so much that she voluntarily gets into it to take a nap while we are out and about. This stroller had everything that I was looking for:


    -An almost full-reclining seat, which leads to longer naps. :o)
    -Adjustable foot rest.
    -Belly bar(My daughter doesn't like it, so I don't use it).
    -High seat back for extra growing room(My daughter is on the tiny side for 19 mo. She is 19lbs and about 31". I believe she has about 8 to 10 inches of growing space).
    -The HUGE sunshade(when my daughter is upright, she likes to have the sunshade all the way down so she can hide and put her feet in it).
    -The handles are the right height for me(I'm 5'4") and my dad(who is 6'2") doesn't complain about kicking the wheels while he pushes his granddaughter around.
    -The extra storage basket is nice too. Of course the basket loses storage space when the seat is reclined but that is expected.
    -The cup holder is a nice add-on, but when you are vacationing with multiple adults you need more space. For that, I purchased the JL Childress Cups 'N Cargo Stroller Organizer(a lot easier than carrying around a backpack).
    -Easy and smoothe maneuverability, even with one hand!
    -Rear-wheel lock is easy to use.
    -Easy to fold and store away.
    -Free rain cover!


    -You do need to be careful of how much weight you hang on the handles. It WILL NOT tip while your little one is in it, but when you take them out...TIMBER! That is something I have yet to get used to but it doesn't bother me much.
    -The front wheels need to be in a certain position in order to lock into place...a little annoying but no biggie.

    Other notes:

    I did add Skip Hop Memory Foam Stroller Liner for a little extra padding. However, when folding the stroller the extra pad kind of gets in the way. In order for the stroller to lock you have to tuck the sides of the pad into the stroller.

    If you are looking for a great travel or even an everyday stroller, I definitely recommend this one!
  • S. J. Anzaroot - Makes a Great Soup!I told my doctor it was totaly worth it. He called my later and agreed.
  • jEsTeR "jEsTeR" - Diamondback Bike for 5 year oldWe purchased this for my boys 5 year old birthday and he loves it. It is the perfect size (he is 44" tall) and he can grow into this for the next few years. We took the training wheels of and purchased a kick stand (Wald Axle Mount Kickstand (67-16, 16-Inch, 3/8-Inch)) too from Amazon and it all worked out perfect. Cool colors. He loves his new dirt bike.
  • Scott "Scott" - July 5th, 2032I hope this works, I don't have enough time. Today, in my time, is July 5th, 2032. My name is Scott, and I have a message from Kate Brewster to John Connor. If anyone knows him, please show him this.

    John, if you are reading this, please, for the love of God, stay inside on July 4th, 2032. Just take the day off, spend it with your wife and kids. Ignore the T-850 model 101 that reminds you of your youth.

    In addition, don't forg...
  • Clem'sMom - Review of the Wilton Gum Paste and Fondant Lesson PlanFinally, I am taking the third (and most fun!) Wilton class at my local Joan Fabric store and I am loving this book! One look at the cover, and I was "in." This book explains the gum paste and fondant techniques beautifully, with very well photographed examples. I recommend this book most highly with its inspiring and easy-to-follow instructions.