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  • S. Guest "A Mom of Two Soilders" - Great StoryLoved the story and the characters. Written extremely well. Good dialogue, good detail, but not overkill. Even though I figured out who done it before the story gets to the end, it was still a ride getting there. The characters are believable with their strengths and weaknesses. Read it in a weekend and had a difficult time putting it down. I was disappointed when it was over. Will definitely read more of her books.
  • ArTex - Best one out!!Buy it!!!!! You won't be let down by this product. I use this tablet for my company and it already replaced my Ipad2. If you're an apple fan you still need to buy this. You cant beat the price and the specs.
  • UnstableAnomaly - Good DriveI purchased the 960 GB version of this drive and I already put another order for the same drive in order to have RAID 0 for more speed. The drive came in a small package containing only the drive and a spacer. No manual or screws were included. The drive itself is small and very light.

    The drive is recognized as 894.25 GB capacity in Windows. It is much faster than conventional hard disk drives, but it is sadly slower than many other solid state drives available in the market. I'm not impressed with the drive's speed, but I like the large capacity. I faced no problems and drive is very stable so far. Overall, this is a good drive worth having.
  • Michael D. Bobo "MDB" - Sure to be a classic.Shane Claiborne's autobiographical work The Irresistible Revolution chronicles his amazing opportunities to live among homeless in Philadelphia, prompting his founding of The Simple Way, a branch of New Monasticism that reaches some of the poorest in America with the love of Christ. In this inspiring work, Claiborne challenges Christians with his "ordinary radical" lifestyle. Among his noted experiences include a summer living with Mother Theresa's Missionaries of Charity and a trip to Iraq during the second Gulf War as a Christian peace advocate. Upon reading such phenomenal accounts, one may feel like, "Great for you Shane, but what about me?" The average Christian working a desk job from 9am to 5pm may have a hunger to live as an ordinary radical, too, but the constraints of bills, family and daily responsibilities make it nearly impossible to engage in Claiborne's call.

    Common Prayer is a beautifully practical response. Along with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove and Enuma Okoro, Claiborne has compiled an ecumenical liturgy that is sure to please Christians from all traditions. A generation of younger Evangelical Christians have grown up completely devoid of liturgical worship experiences. Celebrating Lent and Advent are foreign, despite their perennial place in the history of Christian worship. In order to address this reality, the "Introduction" provides a brief history and defense of liturgy that is designed to educate these novices and refresh the hearts and minds of the most seasoned veterans in higher forms of worship.

    Through 365 morning, 7 evening prayers and a complete Church calendar, Christians can experience the life with God that Claiborne, Wilson-Hartgrove and Okoro promote. Common Prayer also includes a song book which draws from influences ranging from African hymns to Taize songs.This resource is sure to be a classic among 21st century liturgies. Its breadth and simplicity offer an engaging encounter for all. The editors have intentionally woven Catholic and Protestant pieces from a wide variety of international Christian expressions. Christian communities, home groups and Sunday school classes will find this a perfect tool to aid in their regular worship.

    As Christmas approaches, Common Prayer is a terrific gift for Christians who are looking for a comprehensive devotional work for 2011. It is available for purchase through The Simple Way's Store or on

    For a daily sampling of Common Prayer, please visit the Official Website ()which as a wide variety of downloads, pictures and readings to enjoy for free.
  • Kate Stokes - Great product.Mcafee has taken their already proven and trusted software and updated it for 2012. The software protects you from the normal malware, spyware and hackers trying to get into your your machine and the free update function keeps up to date with the latest threats. This is a very good product that will get the job for anyone looking for general-purpose anti-virus security.