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  • Brian H. - Not bad for casual peopleI absolutely love this headset i was looking for a budget yet acceptable headset for my ps3 and pc and skullcandy solved this for me may not be the top quality for you "audio-phile" type listeners but it gets the job done so far no cons accept the bass and volume could go a little higher but it's no biggie
  • Jenstam - It WORKS!I cannot say enough about this product. I suffered from chronic Bacterial Vaginosis. I was prescribed several different antibiotics by well meaning doctors but it always came back with my next menstrual cycle. I read a review on the RepHresh gel and decided to give it a try. It worked! I was then able to switch over to Pro-B for maintenance and I have not had BV since!! I have told my doctors. I KNOW this is what worked because nothing else did and it was a problem I had for several years. I was miserable! I have not gotten it ONCE since I've taken these for 2 years now. SO HAPPY to have found the RepHresh products!
  • bardofbyte - sequel to How to avoid huge ships, the iceberg tells allA lonely old iceberg was traveling to the waters of Bermuda to retire when this idiot big boat tried to
    pass it on the right. Now the iceberg has a terrible reputation but the whole sorry incident wasn't its fault
    [[ASIN:B00A16CHV8 How to Avoid Huge Ships and Other Implausibly Titled Books (Humour)]]