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  • Stanley Hoffman "deadly serious reader" - Underrated Human BeingI think Artie Lange is by far one of the most interesting people in show biz. Ever since his last day on the Howard Stern show, I wondered what had gone down to make him stab himself nine times. This book answered that question and more in such a profoundly articulate and fascinating way. I could not put it down. I was riveted from start to finish. He's such a troubled, deep, smart soul. I'm glad he exists. I relate to his intense pain and feelings of self-loathing, and his self-deprecation. I wasn't bored for a second. I'm rooting for him even though I feel very cynical about his continued sobriety. He's too sensitive for this miserable, hateful world. I hope he writes another one. The story of him taking a huge dump on a billionares private jet is worth the cost alone.
  • iLLuSiOn - Blew me away!Steve Jobs once said that 7" screen is too small to do anything productive. I am glad he changed his mind.

    iPad Mini is a perfect sized tablet for casual users like me who use the device to browse, facebook, do online shopping, check emails, and play games like Temple run. iOS also makes it perfect for my son who gets to learn his ABC and numbers with several apps available in the iTunes store.

    The Wi-Fi sync feature is my favorite - something that allows me to keep my music in sync without finding cables and connecting to my laptop. iCloud is a perfect service for keeping my photos backed up - especially when my little one learns a new trick and decides to suddenly show it to us :-)
  • J. Greenwood - Stark gripping reality but worth the readWhat would the world look like after a nuclear war? We currently live in perilous times and may yet find out. Would you have the will to carry on, let alone raise a child in a world gone to ashes? This is a story of such a scenario. It's the survival of love (carrying the fire inside) vs. slow death. For a short novel it can be a though read at times as it emotes a lot of emotion and thought. It stirs the soul, and the humanity in us. Hopefully to never let this madness happen.
  • GranMomWest - Great ChairThis is the 2nd chair of this kind I have purchased. We absolutely love it however we unfortunately left the 1st one sitting on a bench outisde a restaurant. Our Grandaughter is 11 months old and really loves being close to the table and near us when we go out to a restaurant. Really great quality connects to table quickly and love the way it folds up.