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  • Benjamin Sams - I was at this show in AprilAbout two or three weeks before my father and I, as well as a few good friends, went to this concert we all found out that a production crew would be filming it for a live DVD. As a huge Rush fan, I was blown away by this. I can promise you that both the band and the fans were on fire the entire show! Cleveland was the perfect setting to shoot the film in and I am indebted to Rush for choosing the location, even though it is smaller than most large metropolitan areas, as in New York or L.A.

    The concert itself was simply fantastic. Moving Pictures was played all the way through and the rest was an awesome mash up of greatest hits, fan favorites and the newest singles material. Neil, Alex, and Geddy were astounding as always. I would recomend this title to anyone that enjoys live concerts, Rush, or any young person that is wanting to get into quality music.
  • Kari Hartman - After 10 months use--1st and Final Review: FanstaticI have used the Wen Cleansing Conditioner (Lavender) for 10 months and have found Wen does exactly what it claims. However, this is one important note that should be considered.

    I have medium long hair that is processed to a light beige blond ( after years of being bleached I have stepped down to partial foiling) and I find the Wen Cleansing Conditioner works fantastically; I massage a decent amount into my hair and leave on about 10 minuets (good time to shave) then use somewhat cool water to raise. The texture immediately feels smoother, silky, and easier to run my fingers or a comb through.

    The first and second days after I use Wen (I wash every 3 days--any more than that is too drying) my hair looks an styles very well, the volume and body is fantastic and frizz is smoothed. On the 3rd day, I notice my hair feels more more oily, so another Wen Cleansing is required. After 4-5 weeks I've decided to use a clarifying shampoo to wash my hair (something without sulfates) and then after that single wash the next time I use Wen it feels just like the first time all over again, my hair is beyond soft and silky and just as amazing as the first time. So this is my new prescription for my Wen use.

    One last thing, my hairstylist has noticed my hair is more healthy and the texture more soft, and it grows much more quickly with less split ends. This is due to exactly to my use of Wen over the last 10 months. All in all, I can't live without Wen but I do need to remind my hair ever 4-5 weeks or so that it is very lucky to have it.
  • M. Sanchez "low tech" - Still have itWas living in a two level home, needed one downstairs and one upstairs for convenience to keep the floors clean, Always worth the price, this is a useful household item. I wish they made them a little more sturdy though. They bend and eventually break after 2-3 years of regular use. But for $10-$12, that's really ok.
  • J. Journitz "Smitten" - LiberatingPRINT IS NOT DEAD.

    That being said, I am amazed at the liberty the Kindle has given me in only a few days of ownership. Sure, there's the abuse-factor of having books at your fingertips within a minute or so but I, as an avid reader, am constantly reading 3 or 4 books at a time (depending on my mood) or am trying to remember which books are currently on my "Buy next time you go near a mall"-List.

    I don't have to go back and forth to a library.
    I don't have to wait until the book comes in or I happen to be in a bookstore.

    The concept is what I'm reviewing here: the sheer improvement of accessibility to books.

    The device itself? Oh sure, there are some design issues which can be accommodated by humans once they're aware of them.

    I thought I'd get tired of reading on the device and turn my attentions to the book I had started (which isn't actually kindle-ized yet: it's old and not one of C.S. Lewis' really popular books) but after 3 days of reading on my Kindle, I still hadn't tired. And I suspect, I'm reading faster.

    Get this when you can. It's divine.
  • Victor Z. - Great Sound Quality!This unit was exactly what I was looking for, good sound quality in a compact unit that fits neatly under the television. And the sound quality is a vast improvement over the television's built in speakers. This unit is well worth the money. Delivery was quick and without incident. I highly recommend this product.