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  • T. Stewart - great readThe author is right and her book is a refreshing read. This is an action book and you can easily use her advice to change some of the things that need changing in your relationships. Interestingly enough, this book is on my shelf right next to Karen Pryor's Don't Shoot the Dog - both are great books on how to shape and change behavior... and they're both well grounded.
  • Altmed - A MUST HAVE for anyone going into the medical field!Weather you're going straight from undergrad/graduate to med school or have been out of school for a while, this guide to the MCAT is awesome! Not only is there a study guide and practice test in the book, but interactive tests online as well as video tutorials for review.

    An online Syllabus for study planning and an adviser available online and by phone.

    This book also comes with a new practice quizzes every month!

    I had some problems with "Technical Difficulties" on the website after first signing in, but it was quickly remedied.

    Essentially this is a class in a book and online to get a higher score on MCAT.

    If you or someone you know is planning to go into the medical field, this book/course online is a must. Every point counts on the test, so any edge you can get is a plus. This course may make a huge difference on what schools are open to you, and you want as many choices as possible.

    A high MCAT score can also open doors to scholarships. The feature online that has reminders of when to do what is a very valuable tool that I've not seen in other programs.

    A must have for your library if interested in going into ANY aspect of the medical field! Also, a great review if you've been out of the field for a while and wish to return to the field, weather or not you need or want to take the test.

    If you have a junior high or high school student that is interested in any aspect of medicine, pharmacy, etc. as a career, knowledge from a program like this will help them take the right classes and get the knowledge they need to make it there. The "When to do what" feature will be extremely helpful for every aspect of making their journey a success.

    With the changes in health insurance, research and medical practice, I believe more people will be going into medicine, biology, pharmacy and research in these areas for the right reasons - because they want to make people well, which helps everyone in our society.This tool will help those who have that passion realize their dreams.
  • Leslie Trace - spiritually connected to my wolf shirtWhen my roommate first purchased me this wolf-shirt for my birthday I thought, "She's crazy". But when she told me the reason behind the gift I knew that it was a serious gift from the heart. You see, she purchased this shirt for me after seeing me wear it in a dream. I knew at once that I was spiritually connected to this t-shirt in ways that transcended the normal person-t-shirt-connection. I decided right then and there that I was going to wear this wolf t-shirt as often as possible. Now, whenever I wear the t-shirt I feel as though I've transcended to a higher plane of enlightenment. People always comment on the change the t-shirt has in me. They say I'm glowing, or that people feel some sort of magnetic attraction to me. I believe this when they say it because when I wear this t-shirt people have a tendency to follow me wherever I go! I'll turn around on the street and see a trail of confused looking people following along after me.

    The wolf t-shirt also gives me the wind-in-the-hair model look, even on days when it isn't windy!

    Thanks wolf t-shirt!
  • Claudio - Excellent product; excellent instructions; excellent telephone serviceI just made my replacement tooth and am wearing it
    comfortably. The second try did it for me.
    After ordering on line, I called to request fast delivery
    because my tooth extraction was scheduled and I wanted
    to get the replacement in as soon as possible. It arrived
    three days later.
    I called again to ask about maybe having to wait a few days for
    the gum to heal before putting in the temp. I talked with Steve again.
    He was very cordial and helpful, advising a 2-3 day wait.
    Here it is now, the 4th day after extraction and I'm smiling broad.
    All in all, a great experience.
    I feel like I lucked out on the second try as it "snaps in" just
    like the literature tells me it's supposed to. After using the cold
    water on it, I used a dremmel tool to buzz off the parts that needed it.
    It is so comfortable that I feel I can sleep with it and need only remove
    it to brush my teeth. I'm glad to have the extra plastic beads because
    it will take the VA quite a while to get my permanent fix in and I'll
    probably lose, break or melt the temp I now have in. The next one will
    be a work of art!