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  • Kristen A. Kruse - The Only Dating Book You'll Ever Really Need!I have to hand it to Matthew Hussey. He manages to communicate what other dating books have been trying to tell you, but fail to. What I like most about this book, is that it is not about game playing (pretending to be busy, etc.), it's about creating a full life for yourself that a quality person would want to be a part of. Think about it, would your dream man be impressed with the life you have now? Or do you expect your life to start when you find a man?

    It's obvious that Matthew likes women, and honestly wants them to be the fun, trusting, supportive partners they can be. He understands why we get insecure and explains mens' behaviors so that you won't act insecure and drive men away. He does a very good job of explaining Why. Why you should do this, Why you shouldn't do that, Why men do this, without talking down to you or making you feel stupid for all your past mistakes. Face it: there's a lot of bad information out there which you've been fed your whole life, from well-intentioned people. I love his concept of a high value woman, what every woman should be striving for anyway, for themselves. The book also includes links to videos of Matthew more fully illuminating key concepts- for free!

    Do yourself a favor and BUY THIS BOOK! You won't regret it, and you won't need any others. I can't wait to take back my life and start putting his program to work! Part relationship coach, part cheerleader, part Yoda and part friend, Michael Hussey is what all the other so-called dating gurus Should be!
  • BrokebackPongPaddle - Aplogoy for zombie hoardFirst off I would like to apologize for unleashing the zombie hoard upon the Tampa Bay area. I'm currently writing this confession from a cave on an island in the bay. I don't expect to last much longer, so I wanted to make sure this apology was sent.

    I'll attempt to convey the entire story before the hungry zombies find me and devour my brain.

    It all started when I wanted to surprise my wife with a nice picnic in a park. The first thing I did was to order some things from the Amazon online supermarket, since I prefer to spend several hundred dollars on shipping then having to trudge all the way down the street to the local Publix supermarket. My order, of course, included Tuscan Whole Milk 128 FL Oz. I thought I would need it's Viagra like qualities that my wife has come to appreciate, and at the same time fear.

    The UPS man delivered the goods and was kind enough to allow them to bake in the sun on my front porch. Nothing says I love you more then some chunky Tuscan Milk 128 FL Oz and sun baked bananas.

    So the next week I took my wife to the local park with the nice stone tables for holding things like the magical milk. However, I never could understand why the tables were so thin, but they were donated as they had the donors names carved into them. I would soon learn that these were not tables at all! If I live I'm going to sue that park!

    So we get to the park and I begin by laying down a blanket by one of the stone tables, and firing up the ole boom box. The next thing was to lay out the bounty of food that I had received from a month earlier. I knew it was going to be delicious by it's fragrant bouquet and strong presence.

    This is where things turned horribly, horribly wrong. As I was pouring the Tuscan Whole Milk 128 FL Oz, I sneezed and several drops of this elixir dropped on to the pile of dirt next to me. Within seconds a zombie burst forth from the ground and he immediately took the milk from me and drank the rest.

    When I started to run he chased me and the milk was falling from his exposed ribs, seeping into the ground. It wasn't long before zombies were shooting up from the ground!!!! What idiot buried people in the park. Since then the zombie hoard has been growing and are now immune to Tuscan Whole Milk 128 FL Oz (which was a known zombie killer in the past). Again, I'm sorry for what I have done.