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  • winnie - Elizabeth Smart told her story in a way that makes the reader angry it happened yet proud of what she has done about it.The author was concise and right to the point in her story of what happened when she was kidnapped. I could not put the book down. For the hours that it took me to read the book I was terrified for her and suffered along with her. What she went through was unimaginable and yet you feel her strength and courage in what she wrote. Elizabeth is a women who will never dwell on what happened but will tell others how to enjoy the future.
  • R. Krishnan - Give it a chance!Purchased from Ebuyer on 12th, received on 13th, OTA firmware and ICS upgrade without hitch. Top notch performance, wifi excellent both near and far from router (wifi matches my SGS2), GPS outside house locks, inside is hit and miss (only rarely use GPS, SGS2 works for me). Excellent build quality, gave my iPad2 to missus but she wanted the Prime instead after looking at it! Yes, a lot of people have issues and they have my sympathy. Apple brings out crap products too, don't forget "antenna gate", at least Asus acknowledges the issues, doesn't ask you to hold the tablet in a particular way. Dock is great, screen is good, I am happy overall. I own several Powerbooks, Macbooks, iPods, iPhones and an iPad2. I think Android is maturing rapidly and I have switched back to Win7 and over to Android. Competition does work!!

    Update 24 January:

    Unfortunately I had to return it due to 4 separate pixel defects (one was a 3mm bright white splotch, other 3 tolerable) plus random reboots after updating to ICS. Ebuyer collected, checked, confirmed and refunded without the slightest quibble. Great dealer and great looking product but QC issues became apparent a few days after use. So first impressions are not always "lasting" impressions at least in this case. To be fair, I then purchased a Lenovo Thinkpad tablet from another dealer, got scammed with obviously used item instead of brand new and still waiting for refund.

    Gone off android tablets for a while, wouldn't touch "fruit company" products with a barge pole now after many years of toeing the line, had enough of form over function. I have ordered a Samsung series 7 slate now, double the price but if the new build SS7's are free of QC issues, I will stick with it. I am glad the majority of people getting the ATP now seems to have trouble free product. I do a lot of writing and MS OneNote has served me well in the past and I know it will continue to do so now on the Slate despite trade-off in size/weight/battery life. I really hope QC is good!
  • Justin Fuller - An utterly compelling thriller by a truly original author.This is one of the most original books I've ever read! The characters warrant little sympathy but are utterly compelling. I never guessed at the twists and turns that it takes and I loved the surprises. Gillian Flynn is my new favourite author and I hope the movie adaption of "Gone Girl" does this justice.
  • Lucas - The Perfect GiftI purchased this banana slicer for a coworker who frequently east bananas. Every day I have had to watch her struggle to cut the banana in a timely manner during her short 15 minute break in the morning using a knife. I thought "there must be an easier way!". She was delighted with this gift! She even place a nice thank you note on my desk this morning which read, " Thank you so much for the banana slicer! When I first used it for the first time this morning I felt as though it really changed my life. I finally understood how the people who wrote the reviews {on Amazon} felt. So again, thank you for making my life that much better.

    PS I think the banana slicer may have been your best investment yet! Consider purchasing one for yourself.
  • K. A. Christian - Love the Full SeriesI basically love just about anything Janet Evanovich has written. I originally read this series in paperback and decided I wanted to download it to my Kindle so I can read it anytime. Please note, the series is much more enjoyable if read in order, but I feel that way about every book series I've ever read.