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  • Bert C. Mccollum "Florida Teacher" - Do yourself a favor. Pay a visit to MitfordThe fictional town of Mitford, North Carolina is set like a perfect jewel in the rolling green hills of the Great Smoky Mountains. The series, written by Jan Karon, features Father Tim, beloved pastor of the town's Episcopal Church. The Christian message is implicit, never forced. Tim quotes from the poet Wordsworth as often as from the Bible. The tone is positive, filled with love and joy and humor but never becomes cloying or saccharine. The writing is truly elegant in its simplicity and clarity. The characters are complex and realistic, carefully etched in the most loving detail by the author. I predict that if you ever pay a visit to Mitford, like me, you will never want to leave. The first book in the series is entitled `At Home in Mitford'.
  • E. Danilenko - Very nice tabletI've owned the TF201 for over a month now, and although I had to return my first one for hardware issues, I still think this is the best Android tablet available today. It is thin, light, and fast with a great screen. The sound from the speaker is surprising good. Even after the replacement, the wi-fi receptivity is still a little weak, but I'm not having the same problems with the wi-fi radio needing to be switched off and on to regain the signal. The other hardware issue I had was the keyboard dock not working properly even after firmware upgrades. Because I had to wait over a month for a dock, it took me some time to discover this problem. Amazon's return process was seamless. With the dock, this tablet makes a very nice travel laptop replacement with amazing battery life. Asus tech support is terrible. It took almost 2 weeks to receive a response to my support e-mail about the keyboard dock issue.
  • Thomas G. Field, Jr. - It deserves to be #1 on the NYT bestseller listI got my copy yesterday and couldn't put it down. The photography is great; the subjects are better. The book is also very well produced.

    But I was nevertheless disappointed. Brandon is a good writer as well as a good photographer. His fb comments about photos bring them to life.

    Someone decided to limit most accompanying text to location. A big mistake. Specific location seemed generally irrelevant.
  • Holly - Just what any single lady needsThis book is really useful, not only in advice on how to get 'the guy,' but in finding your inner confidence and getting out there more in general. Since I've started reading this book, I've already doubled the attention from guys I would normally have, and my sister has already been asked out on a date! Legend.