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  • James "takhisis162" - Look out Madame Duclos!"Tampa" was recommended to me by a friend one evening, and like most books, I surfed over to Amazon and added it to my Wishlist without giving the synopsis or reviews a second glance. We all have those friends who instinctively know what you will or will not enjoy, you know? A few weeks later I was browsing the bookstore looking for nothing in particular when I came across something that looked very familiar: that tacky, sleazy dust jacket (ironically itself a lint magnet) my friend told me about. One chapter in, and I knew that nothing else would do for a cover save for perhaps a binding made from used condoms or the scrotal remains of one of those unfortunate Castrati.

    True, there is little character development; but can a novel *really* have *everything*? Celeste, the ..protagonist? doesn't need development because the book isn't about her! The story is about raunch at its most raunchy being channeled through a bombshell female sexual predator. This is the new "Juliette", so step aside, De Sade. This is the next John Waters film, so cram it you people who can recite Gore Vidal like some ancient bard. In one hundred years, I expect this story to be in the Norton Anthology of Literature from the Former United States. Even Nathaniel Hawthorne was considered garbage during his writing career.

    If you're looking for a book that will make you have to stop, put the book down, laugh, and then take a picture with your phone and text it to a friend, then this is the book for you.
  • Alexis DeSalvo - Bought for 18mo y/o daughterThis is the perfect tablet for our toddler. We are able to download learning APPs for her and its SO easy to use. Love the front facing camera option. Works like a gem.
  • A. Pace - Fantastic, In-Depth Guide --- but missing Malaga?I'm headed to Spain and Paris in a few months and bought this to help plan my trip (along with Rick Steves' Paris guidebook). The details are amazing. I have been able to plan every last detail of my trip, including buses and trains as well as restaurants, hotels and attractions.

    I have two favorite parts of Rick Steves' books:
    1. Rick lays out for you exactly what you should see in each city based on how many days you have to spend there. I love that he picks and chooses the most important things to see for you, so I don't have to do ALL the research by myself. (And of course, you can customize and do your own thing, but this was a VERY helpful starting point for me.)
    2. I also LOVE his self-guided walks included for many cities. It's a great way to see the city and get a real feel for it while learning some of the history and seeing some of the famous sites. It's also free. Bonus! One of my biggest worries is going on a whirlwind trip to Spain and rushing from museum to museum so fast that I miss the "flavor" of the city. These walks fit the bill perfectly. Love it!

    All in all, I'd buy this book again in a heartbeat! My only qualm with it is that it's completely missing the city of Malaga. There is not one mention of it in the book whatsoever. It's a fairly big city with an airport and everything. Are you telling me there's nothing of note whatsoever in Malaga? The same goes for Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza (islands) which are not covered either.

    Still, definitely a book worth buying. I'll be bringing it with me in my carryon!
  • Penna - Easy / Informative ReadI bought this book after reading Baby Bargains (which is great too!). I find the authors candidness refreshing compared to most baby books that tend to be very dry. You really feel like you can relate to the author and understand with ease on what's to come and how to deal with a new baby. I recommend this book to all new parents.