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  • Msmyra75 - An excellent dating survival tool!!Get the Guy provides you with excellent guidelines on how to move forward in the dating game. Many women are fearful of how to best represents themselves in the dating works and not to mention how to continue the spark once s relationship has establish. Matt breaks down for you the simple things in life that make a difference while trying to put into perspective your own personal success in other areas besides dating. I just got my copy in the mail yesterday and could not put it down. Matt is brilliant in providing knowledge and insight in boosting your confidence. I would definitely recommend picking up a copy!! Thanks Matt!!
  • Ms. L. Waugh - The Wall, the real story.............Id just like to point out to Alan Caylow, great review, totally wrong information regarding the story behind the making of the epic album/film Pink Floyd's The Wall.
    It is actually loosely based on the life of Syd Barrett - co-founder of pink Floyd and the original front man of the group. Syd (real name Roger Barrett) was the man who turned Pink Floyd into one of the Greatest bands and the sudden death of his father when Barrett was 11 is believed to have been at least partly responsible for triggering the mental problems that plagued him as an adult.
    In 1965, he introduced a different flair for musical innovation (and the name Pink Floyd) to a group who had mainly been playing covers of Rhythm & Blues songs.
    Under Barrett's influence, Pink Floyd began to experiment with a jazz-based psychedelic sound. He used "low tech" techniques like sliding a cigarette lighter up and down his guitar's fret board to give Pink Floyd a distinctive sound different from any other bands.
    As the band's success grew with its first two albums so did Barrett's erratic behaviour. He would wander aimlessly around the stage during live performances, or play just one chord throughout an entire concert. Heavy use of drugs, especially LSD, made his mental instability even worse.
    Barrett left/got sacked from Pink Floyd in 1968, just three years after co-founding it and he left the music business altogether, living the rest of his life in near seclusion in his boyhood home in Cambridge, spending his time painting, gardening and avoiding the public eye.
    Pink Floyd's 1975 album Wish You Were Here was written and released as a tribute to Barrett.
    This is actually a well-known fact and when I read the review I just had to write my own to set the record straight!
    The Wall is an amazing album and a brilliant film, but you must understand what is going on or you would be completely baffled!
    It is not about education systems, Nazi Germany or even Roger Waters spitting on a fan, it is an insight into the mind of a man who was extremely talented yet on the brink of madness and I think it was a mixture of these and also the amount of drugs available at the time that sent poor Syd over the edge.
    Roger Barrett (Syd) died in July 2006 at the age of 60 of complications caused by diabetes.
  • Jim Bob - Now She Knows Her PlaceMy wife was a raging feminist, a real ball buster. I didn't know what to do. Then I saw Bic Cristal for Her and I knew it was the answer! I had to hide all the pens in the house and wait but the day came finally! She was in a rampage about tampons being to phallic and decided to write a letter to Always but couldn't find a pen. I slipped one in her hand and the change was instant. A glittery mist fell on her and when it lifted she was a 50's housewife.