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  • Saltek - For 80 bucks, How Can it Be Beat?Reasonably quick, great features, (any smaller and i would wonder what was wrong with me,) excellent physical quality, VERY decent pix-sometimes great, pretty ok battery life, nice, stable zoom, and so on...
    IMO, hard to beat for the money. Just be careful not to block the flash. You don't realize you're doing so, until you become familiar with the camera.
    Feature for feature, an excellent value!
  • Julia P. Lynde - EnjoyedI liked this novel. Radclyffe does a good job presenting the medical aspects of her novels while making the story about the people, not the medicine. I like that.
  • Galina - Best swing everMy daughter is 9 months old now, and this is the only swing that she likes to be in, now that she's crawling/sitting/standing up. She no longer tolerates the bouncer, but this thing she loooves. I wish it'd come in adult version too, I'd buy it for myself in a New York minute. The fabric has been washed over 100 times, during a period of diaper explosions, and it still looks brand new, the zipper is very sturdy too. It was extremely easy to assemble. I wish it had a 5 point harness system, now that the baby is so big, she leans left and right and it's kinda scary. My daughter has slept in it, still takes bottles in it, her first solid food bites at 4mo were also in that swing. I often use it as a speaker for my iPhone, and it totally does the job. Would I recommend it - absolutely! It's one of a kind and anyone who ever saw it would compliment us on it. Also the toy bar does not come as easy, as I read in some other reviews. I would hang other toys on it, and have never had a problem with it. Bottom line, it's worth the $$$. The only swing you'll ever need.
  • Amy K. Snetzler - Don't even consider the other chairs!This was the third chair we tried. It's awesome. It has fit every table we tried, including at restaurants and our island at home. It's quick to install and easy to clean. It also has an incredibly useful pocket in the back (store toys when going out) and a little carrying bag. It seems very sturdy and stable. Definitely recommended!
  • Jim O. - Quickly Get Your QuickenI simply cannot imagine managing my finances without Quicken. I've used the program since it was DOS only, strayed once about 10 years ago, and quickly came running back. The program keeps getting better with nearly every version, and the 2011 product has some nice improvements. What I like best about Quicken is the ability to choose features to use as you desire, and go back and forth with it. I have some bank accounts that I let automatically download - others, I prefer to enter the checks and deposits by hand. This product has been around a long, long, time and they have done an excellent job or listening to Beta testers. It just seems that every time I find myself wishing Quicken would do something else - the feature ends up in the newer versions. You will not go wrong with this product.