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  • Julie Freeman "Julie" - LOVE MY NuWave!!!!!I LOVE my NuWave(s), I bought one, then two weeks after trying it out, bought another! I did NOT buy from the NuWave company and would NEVER recommend to do that, their sales people are just terrible, when it comes to selling the products! I won't get into it here, but let's just say I talked to 5 different people & each gave me a different price, from shipping costs to what was included! So... I ended up buying it elsewhere & am very happy I did (I ended up saving 30% more, off the product, free shipping & I even earned bonus bucks)!! AND they came with a free pan!

    The Product heats FAST, better then my electric stove top! I had a few people think this was a useless thing to get (those who are stuck on using a regular kitchen stove). But when we bought our new house, the kitchen isn't even big enough for a table (there is a nice dining room), but I was use to a big kitchen with a lot of countertop space! We bought a built-in oven, where it will have countertop all the way across the area it will be going in, giving me about 6 feet extra space & I didn't want to use most of that up with a stove top oven. The NuWave can be stored in the cabinet, when not in use & cools quickly! CLEAN UP is perfect, also!

    I don't have anything bad to say about this unit, it's so easy to use (even my husband can use it & doesn't complain)>> Shocker!! LOL
    You do have to use certain pans, that a magnet will stick to: (cast iron & stainless steel are what I have, along with the nice one that came with it)! They are great quality & if you search & watch on Amazon, you'll get some great deals on them! :)

    I'm happy, those who are not, or have negative things to say about the product itself, I don't know why. I guess you'll have to do like I did & just try it for yourself! (It's portable & plugs right into a regular 110 outlet!! If using two units, be sure your breaker box can handle the load of two being used at the same time)! I had my Bunn Coffee Pot on, Microwave plugged in (but wasn't using it), & when I turned on my 2nd unit, my breaker was thrown. Not a big deal, for us, but it can be a very big deal for some homes without updated wiring! (It's not just a NuWave, but any thing electrical, that can cause an overload!) So know your home wiring system!

    Have fun! I am!!
    Can't wait to use it at our outdoor picnics, too! :)
    If you're into 4-H, this would make a easy, portable unit to teach a cooking class! It doesn't get hot, just where the pan is at & of coarse the pan itself!

    OH and if you need to turn the heat down, quickly, with a touch of a button, you can lower the temp. to what you need & unlike electric stove top coils, it cools right as soon as you start turning it down!!

    ENJOY!! :)
  • nightfey - ASUS Transformer Prime TF201-C1-GR 10.1-Inch 64GB TabletThis was pearched for my son , He say this is the best tablet he ever used. This tablet does almost any thing a person need to do any where that they may be. I believe it to be a really great buy.
  • Geneva Christie - Jim Butcher's "Bombshells" would be worth the whole price all on its own, plus there are so many other great contributors tooI began with Jim Butcher's "Bombshells" because I'm a huge fan of The Dresden Files series. It was exceptionally good, just what I hoped and expected it would be.
    The Dresden Files books are written from the protagonist Harry Dresden's POV so it's only in these occasional short stories or novellas that an opportunity exists to see the 'Dresdenverse' from the viewpoint of the other major characters. Just as one's spouse and parents and kids, coworkers, et cetera are people whom you deeply and honestly know but nevertheless have parts of their lives which you don't see, that's what Jim Butcher takes the opportunity to write about in short stories.
    "Bombshells" is from his ex-apprentice's POV. It's a plus to know the series already but I truly don't think that a first-timer to Harry Dresden's Chicago would feel at all lost in the story. I hope that many, many readers who haven't happened to read Jim Butcher previously will go forward to read all the books of this wry, quick-paced and quick-witted, action-packed series which always has such incredibly well-developed characters. None of them in the novels, not even minor characters, ever are cardboard-y toss-aways.
    And yes, this anthology is also my opportunity to sample some stories from several other authors whom I've meant to try. While other readers will be finding Jim Butcher here for the first time and delighting in "Bombshells," I'll be tasting some other authors in it which are new to me plus some others whom I've not read for awhile.
  • ng "ng" - Excellent YA bookI have a hard time with Jodi Piccoult books. Some of them I love and some I just can't get into. I am a school librarian in a k-6 school and saw that this was a YA book so I thought I'd give it a try. With the popularity of The Hunger Games and Twighlight I think this one will be huge with the 12-15 year olds. I thought it was great. Such a sweet story with a smart, strong girl, a good role model, as the lead character. I loved it!