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  • LadyJ - Quick and easyI was not juicing in the morning because it was time consuming to clean up the juicer afterwards. With the nutribullet it is quick and easy and only two pieces to wash. Also you do not have to throw away the fiber. It is powerful and DOES NOT heat up the juice. I am very happy with the investment. I strongly recommend it to those who want to juice every morning.
  • Emmeline G. Pankhurst "Emmeline" - A miracle drug for me!I'm always skeptical about over-the-counter drug claims, but Abreva lives up to its reputation. I occasionally get ugly, painful fever blisters but didn't want to spend the money trying a new "cure" since it isn't that often. I was lucky that a co-worker swears by Abreva and loaned me some recently when I had a break-out.

    I applied Abreva at the first sign of my fever blister and used it for 48 hours and guess what -- it went away! It did not expand past a little red bump. No oozing or crusting over, no pain, nothing. Just a red spot for a few days and then totally gone.

    I then came directly to amazon and ordered my own tube and I'll never leave home without it!
  • BartCop - Great book by a true hero!Susan went to jail for 21 months rather than play ball with a crooked monster named Ken Starr. She knew doing the right thing
    would put her in prison, but she stuck to her guns. This book reads like she's sitting there talking to you.Get this book!Read about a real hero who doesn't throw or catch a ball.Read about the meaning or courage, and standing up against the biggest bully on the planet - the out-of-control US federal government.

    Susan - great book! You rock!