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  • ASPPAgal - My feet love these shoesI bought these in rouge red as a tribute to Wendy Davis and her courageous filibuster. After buying the Mizunos I discovered Wendy also knows her shoes. I wear them all day and -- they're so comfortable -- I don't even want to take them off when I get home after work!

    Women deserve unfettered access to safe medical care (and equal pay for equal work). Wendy is right about more than her shoes. Stop the craziness. Stop the war on women.
  • Aunt Rosie "happybooker" - Amazing FaithI don't know how she could have endured the nine months with that crazy man and his wife except for her amazing faith in God. To be raped everyday for nine months, chained like a dog to a tree, and starved as well and not lose it is truly amazing. Elizabeth knew God loved her and she always thought of her family. Most people would not have been able to do what she did. I know I could not and I am a Christian. She did not have to go into detail about her rape or how those crazy people made her drink and take drugs or play Adam and Eve. I saw her on "Katy" and she has such poise and she is sure of herself. She is truly amazing.
  • bruce - very good anti virus...I have used mcafee antivirus for several years and have had good luck with it.It has several handy features,one of them being that it checks out all websites and lets you know which ones are malicious.It also picks out recommended websites when you surf the net.It even scans your pc in real time,and the price was very affordable on any budget.
  • A. Hernandez - Pleasantly surprisedAlthough I bought the book brand new, I didn't completely expect Amazon to include the software (most books advertised as new still don't include supplemental software). I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the cover and found a sealed CD for the Quickbooks trial. Not sure whether this will be the result from all booksellers, my particular copy was processed by Amazon. Delivery took a little longer than usual, especially since I paid for 2-day shipping (which was listed as an option). But luckily I'd ordered with enough time before class. So far I've gotten a few chapters in and found the book itself is very useful with explanation, although basic familiarity with Financial Accounting is helpful, it's not necessary.
  • Joseph A. Higgs - Please add 75 more stars to my above rating.Two years ago my son was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at the age of two and a half years. The doctor explained it and all the info I could get pointed to a bleek, BLEEK future for him and my wife and I. This diet has provided the cornerstone of our sanity as it has virtually ended the symptoms of this truly wretched disease and he is growing wonderfully and is a truly beautiful sight to see. I have spent so many hours in so many books over the last two years I feel like I have been to UC college. It never seases to amaze me how corrupted our food supply is with sugar and additives (both of which set my son off). Just try and buy food without them. Even the salt we used had sugar. Mrs. Gottshall is a true heroin to me. Her book brings home the power of truth. I am not anyone special in society and information of this power being available to me gives me hope and a even greater respect for the old saying "information is power". Sincerely, Joe Higgs