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  • Dadybo - Has Anyone Seen Fred?Why would complaining about your bill to the garbage company cause you to disappear? Whose bones are in the bag? How do you get an angry midget out of your apartment? Why doesn't Stephanie go all out for that very sexy man? Will Grandma open the lid on the casket? Only in the Trenton of Janet Evanovich would such questions arise. Janet does it again with this laugh-out-loud mixture of mystery, mayhem, and masculine pulchritude.
  • Dandieandie - Hormonal/cystic acne is gone!!!I've struggled with moderate acne since my teens. In my 20s I was on the Pill so acne was pretty manageable. After going off the Pill and then after having my baby I developed horrible cystic acne on my chin - three or four huge zits a month. I randomly came across Exposed on the Internet one night and bought it on a whim. I honestly wasn't expecting it to work but thought it couldn't hurt. The first night I used the products, I had two large "underground" zits on my chin. I swear that within minutes of applying the acne treatment and clear pore serums I could feel the zits shrinking. I thought it was just in my head, but when I woke up the next morning, the zits were definitely smaller and within a few days had shrunk completely and never broke the surface as they would have normally done. I was amazed. I haven't had a single cystic acne since. I've had a few small zits here and there, but I've been using the products for over three months, and the last time I ovulated (when I normally get breakouts) I didn't get even a single, tiny zit. Finally, at 33, my skin is the clearest it's ever been.
    My skin is very oily, but I found the moisturizer to be too dry. I did start the products in the dead of winter, so I will try using the moisturizer when the weather starts heating up. I also don't use the cleanser in the morning. I like washing my face in the morning with jojoba and castor oil - it makes my skin soft and doesn't strip my skin. The Exposed cleanser is great in the evening and removes all traces of my makeup.
    If you are hesitant to spend the money on the kit, I would definitely try the serums - I think those two products are what really made the difference on my skin. The cleanser and toner are great, but I don't always use them daily like I do the serums and my skin still does great.
    And hardly anybody seems to mention diet and acne, but I do believe we have foods that trigger or inflame our acne. My skin was great when I was pregnant and I thought it was the change in hormones. But I also realized that I wasn't drinking alcohol or coffee on daily basis like I was after my baby was born. (Motherhood is hard - don't judge!) cutting down my alcohol consumption and switching to decaf, I believe, has been a huge contribution to the appearance of my skin. When I do have a cup of regular coffee every now and then, I will have a small break out two or three days later. Pay attention to your diet and you may discover foods that trigger your acne.
  • Donna - Very comfyI ordered my regular size the first time and while they technically fit, they were too small. I would recommend ordering 1/2 size above your normal size. The size I ended up ordering is the same size as some of my other shoes, but fit more snuggly. In my other shoes, my foot seems to move around a lot, not in these shoes.

    Very first day, I wore them all day. I wanted to get any breaking in done since we'll be heading out on vacation and doing a lot of walking. No problems wearing them all day.

    I found and ordered these shoes because of Wendy Davis and I'm glad I did.