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  • James - This is the Next GenerationI have both a X1 and this PS4. The PS4 is the superior systems with fantastic graphics and UI. It took me 4 tries to get my X1 to turn on using voice commands but my PS4 has functioned flawlessly since I turned it on the first time. I have been a gamer for 25 years and I have never been more satisfied than I am with my PS4. I recommend any gamer buys both since there are exclusives to consider but if you can only afford one you will not be disappointed getting this.
  • T. Voost - Perfecting...Over all, The Asus TF201 is one T-Totally awesome device. When docked into station, WOW, talk about a whole new experience, easy to operate. Great cameras, powerful bright screen and wonderful performance. Features...It has them and lots. Oh, yeah it's sexy. Favorite of the past 2 other tablets i have previously owned, no doubt. To have it supportive of a few personally important applications, would be terrific. Sad to mention, but my ONE detected aggravating issue....The Micro HDMI cord wont stay properly intact, really T's me off having these slightly angled sides, allowing cord to just fall right out...Black electrical tape solves the trick but not the answer. Over all, The Asus TF201 is one T-Totally awesome device.
  • J. A. Hicks "Polarized American" - Lots of laughs with lots of useful infoI heard about the book on Hannity. I've read both Treason and Slander and now How To...Ann's latest is as ascerbic, well researched and, probably, more offensive to liberals than anything she has previously written. It's a hoot. Many of the single star reviews I've read here for this book indicate that the only argumnets detractors can make are about her physical attributes or presumed intellectual failings, not the material she shares with her readers. After reading this one, order Larry Elder's book Showdown. Even more damning to big government irrationality than almost anything else out there.
  • Pam McEachern - I am not very technical and I needed Norton right now!I needed Norton in the middle of a big project. The version I was using had used up its time.

    I read the information about the online product and bought it. It was easy for me to follow the directions and it was quickly installed. I still have 2 more downloads for whenever I need the next one.