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  • Gary W. "SciFi Fan" - Orgreenic 10" frying panI have had this pan for a while and have had no problem with anything sticking to it. I followed the seasoning instructions to the letter and it remains as slippery as the ones in the commercials. I know some other reviewers have had problems; I don't know if they got a bad pan or didn't season it properly. I don't even wash mine, just wipe it clean with a paper towel and it's ready to go, just like it was a cast iron pan. I've had no problem with residue or flavor transfer, it really does come clean with a paper towel or two. I use mine for everything, eggs, pancakes, hamburgers, etc., etc. I'm very glad I bought it.
  • angel - a pill wonderThis pill is good, it makes you feel full for along hours. It really works and no side effect. I will buy more as soon as finish this
  • G. E. Kirby - Wonderful NovelI have enjoyed many of Ms. McDermott's books, particularly Charming Billy and At Weddings and Wakes, and I was not disappointed by Someone. This book celebrates the every day while still being compulsively readable. I don't always love books that have a lot of description and little "plot," but I found the language so moving and engaging that I sailed through. It is quiet but leaves you lots to think about.
  • Freerider - Fund Raiser Shirt from the 90' dare you.From the silky fabric to the detailed screen print. This shirt is one that you can pass down to your children. The sleeve engulf you biceps as if it were tailer just for you. After several days of wearing, you will realize that you are the Moon God! The only higher than the moon. These magnificent beast are crying out to you. I haven't taken my shirt of in 2 years. I shower in it to preserve the colors.
  • Investor Junkie - No Issues Here with 2013 edition.I've been a Quicken user since 1991 (over 20 years), and use it to track everything about our finances. I see that many others had issues with the new version. Most of bugs it seems to be related the mobile features, which appears to be fixed since their R4 release. I started on this version and have not had any of the issues described. Overall it's an upgrade to the right direction, though still like previous updates only incremental. It's still the best locally installed app, or cloud based app on the market today. Granted Microsoft Money is no longer made, and the other products have nowhere near the market penetration.

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