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  • Ting Kwok - Why does Cable cost more than $100 & why is France better than us in Broadband?Unless you are a telecom or cable TV lawyer, you may not realize why cable TV and broadband internet is so costly and inaccessible when compared to the rest of the world. Susan Crawford, star lawyer in the private sector before she went to academe and government, tells us that monopoly is the answer. She spends one fine chapter of her new book "Captive Audience" giving a history of Brian Roberts and the growth of the cable behemoth Comcast and not Comcast/NBC-Universal. Before that she leads with a sprawling yet engrossing and enthralling tour de force on recent back room legislative history of the various cable telecom laws. She even explains why the BrandX case was wrongly decided and how Scalia's dissent shows the majority's argument of separate services of internet access (pizza delivery) and internet services (the pizza of say a RoadRunner email acct from Time Warner) as illogical.

    And why does Time Warner, Comcast and Verizon, AT&T have such monopolies? It is inefficient to allow more than one company dig up the public rights of way. Susan Crawford mentions that without using public rights of way, the cable company's "ownership" of its coaxial cables would be worthless.

    More importantly, Crawford (now a professor at Cardozo Law in Manhattan, formerly at the Berkman Centre and originator of One Web Day) advocates for the construction of municipal broadband and has appeared on podcasts of people such as Christopher Mitchell on the webo-sphere, and radio shows like Diane Rehm on WAMU in Washington DC, and University TV like Brian Lehrer's show on CUNY-TV in New York.
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