MASA - The Medical Association of the State of Alabama - The Medical Association of the State of Alabama is one of a very few truly democratic organizations. The membership has vital input into the workings of the Association through the elected College of Counselors and House of Delegates.

Country: North America, US, United States

City: 21201 Baltimore, Maryland

  • Michael A. Parker "MAP" - That's a lot of info....We recently started section hiking the AT and this book is an invaluable resource when planning trips. We skip around from state to state to get a unique experience each time and the book has all the info we could ever need to pick our hikes. Every stop along the trail is clearly marked and includes everything the location has such as: shelter, campsite, water, road access, etc. And one of my favorite features is that if you turn the book side ways you can visually see the elevations of each location which make it much easier to plan hikes.

    Bottom line, if you are planning to hike the AT, this book will be your best friend.
  • KVD - Love my Galaxy Tablet!This tablet is the best. My friends with Ipads even said they prefer this tablet. Love that it syncs with my Galaxy S3 phone. Great buy.
  • DSeverance - Great TimeCapsule RepalcementThis item is almost twice the size but half the cost of Apple's TimeCapsule option for backups for Macs. I am thoroughly happy with this device, but do note it can be a little loud. Only downside is there is no built in wireless option for backups - but that is not THAT big of a downside because backing up 4TB over wireless is just... crazy... and would take forever. Got the item for around $150 and would recommend again.
  • naiha1 - really makes a lot of senseThis is a great book and well worth investigating. I read a number of different books and tried a number of different diets, plans, cleanses ect. This just makes a lot of sense to me. I have done diets where I did not count a single calorie or watched my portions and lost weight. i've done weight watchers which is all about portion control and I lost weight on that.... the first time. When I tried it again closer to 35, I struggled to lose a 1/2lb a week. I stated the plan but had to stop, it was just too expensive (my only complaint) I will start again when financially it is more doable for me because It really did help me immensley!! I lost 4lbs on the first day of the cleanse, My body made it very clear to me what it did like and what it didn't. I will admit though sometimes it was a bit difficult to tell what my body was reacting to.