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  • Cherden - Love the Gateway, hate Windows 8!!I bought this on Friday for $319.00 from Amazon and 5 days later it is $399.00
    So I got a great deal,2 days shipping, I love Amazon!!
    Having said that, I wish I had bought the Windows 7 Gateway. I absolutley hate Windows 8.
    Had to buy a book the first night on my Kindle to try and navigate around on 8.
    They give no instructions or manuals anymore. And the "touchpads" really confusing. And worthless.
    Not user friendly at all. I am sure there are a lot of people like me who don't have a need for tiles & charms!!
    There are calling this "an improvement over Windows 7" are they kidding me!!! Only if you are a pc genius!
    I now have to go out to a bookstore and buy a Windows 8 for Dummies hard copy, read and put sticky tabs on the pages
    so I can use the pc.
    If you don't use it for work or projects daily and only use it for email & web browsing, then Windows 8
    is not for you.
    So sorry I bought this pc with Window 8 :(
    Just hope this Windows 7 doesn't break down in the next year.

    Update: 03/10/13
    Still love the Gateway, I'm doing better with Windows 8 now. But one thing that drives me crazy, there is no word processor for when someone sends a email from a Yahoo group, not able to open and read. I have to go to my other pc with Windows 7 and read it.
    Each time I've tried to open emails it throws up "do you want to purchase the software from Microsoft"? I actually have the cd from a few years ago and Windows 8 will not recognize it. Guess I will just have to suffer because I am not spending another $120. for the downloaded version. No one is making software cds anymore. Everything is a download. Not happy with that change either.
  • Lisa - A life-changer!My husband and I are wrapping up our 3rd month of the Fast Metabolism Diet. We were searching for a path to good health and weight loss, and this has fit our bill. He is 71, and while in excellent health, weighed 290 pounds 3 months ago. I am 59, was moderately overweight, but battling high cholesterol. When the medication made me lose an excess of my hair, it was time to get down to the business of our nutrition. He was always afraid he would have to be hungry on a "diet", and I did not want to eat weird things, not to mention I just did not know what to cook everyday. I've always known someday I would have to address my cravings for sweets, and I would be lying if I told you I was past that, though I am happy they are quite manageable now.

    Three months later, he has lost 40 pounds and I have lost 20 (right at my original goal) with cholesterol numbers all well-within normal ranges. Both of us are elated to be eating plenty of delicious--real--food, and enjoying shopping for smaller clothes (I am a size 4 pant now, down from size 10). We have learned to concoct our own recipes and meals, and try to stay within the 3-phase structure of the diet. However, we no longer stress if we mess up or have to stray due to an unusual event. We just pick right up with the next meal.

    Admittedly this eating plan intimidated me at first. I was afraid of all the cooking, and honestly, it was a bit confusing. Before we embarked on it (partly due to extensive summer travel plans), it took me about 6 weeks to summarize it and internalize what was going on. Looking back, I believe that was fear of the unknown because it seems second nature now. Knowing the effort leads to success is worth it beyond measure.
  • Elizabeth Mathey - Riveting BookThis book had me hooked from the very beginning. It is rare that I can read a book and not "see" the ending but this page turner fooled me. The plot was phenomenal and the twists kept coming. You are constantly in a state of "did that just happen". Can't wait to see the movie and hope it does the book justice!