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  • ma2one - SCD "cured" my U. ColitisR e a d t h e b o o k !
    T r y S C D!
    It is specific healthy whole foods. It can not harm you.
    When you go on the SCD diet you can see for yourself intelligently from your first hand experience if it works for you. I was eating this way for over six years and it was not that hard to eat healthy when it made me feel great and stop all my symptoms..
  • Golfing Fool - I am just starting week 3; may upgrade/downgrade review after 28 days/See my update; I upgraded to 5 starsI have a friend who didn't even look overweight who lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks on this - now she is very thin. So I decided to give it a shot. I lost 7 lbs week one --- that is just about what somebody might lose on a total fast in 1 week. That's amazing. Week 2 - only 2 lbs.

    I was going to wait and write this review after 28 days (which I will need to continue to repeat). But too many people are giving up before even trying it. The diet is very complicated on week 1 --- Week 2 gets easier to prepare/plan for as you get to know the plan; By week 3, you are really getting to know the plan and it is much easier.

    I equate this to changing up your exercise to confuse your muscles. Pretty much same concept. The fact that you eat so much on FRI/SAT/SUN helps this not be water weight. I am not a nutrionist but some of the things she says don't make any sense. You can have rasberries/blueberries/blackberries but no strawberries on Phase 3? Doesn't make any sense so I eat strawberries. I have watched her video stating that she has reasons for leaving off certain foods in certain phases because of "micro nutrients" but I don't buy all of it. What you can't have broccoli in phase 2/3 but you're counting celery as a vegetable which basically has NO nutrients? Makes no sense. On her blog, the author has admitted to some mistakes in the book (portions for those who need to lose >20 lbs. is an example). I think she doesn't want to admit to more.

    That said, I follow the plan - almost exactly except in instances like the strawberry, broccoli.... I find it amazing to lose 7 lbs in one week. Has not happened in 20 years EVEN when I was on Medifast a few years ago.

    If you don't have the book, this review won't make much sense. I was compelled to write, if you do have the book, give it a chance.

    I will update after 28 days.

    UPDATE:: DAY 29 - I made it and lost 15 lbs! I kept a Medifast journal 5 years ago and it took me 6 weeks to lose that much and I was heavier then. That is a high end low carb diet of about 800-1000 calories daily. This is much more than that (except Phase 2 which is about 800 calories).

    I take the author's overall concept and phases mostly literally. However, I sometimes use common sense and have brocolli and strawberries in phase 3. I do cheat and have 2 cups coffe a day. That's all I really cheated with. It is expensive but as one of my friend's say: Pay the farmer now or the doctor later.

    I have never felt healthier and don't have any cravings though I do miss my wine....
  • R. Chou "Simple Method Basic Design" - To The Point Easy Read Marketing Strategy BookZAG while everyone else ZIGS would be the headline to this wonderful marketing strategy book. This book is every bit as concise and to the point there is to exploring business strategy on creating a brand.

    The author purposely made the book a short read and I appreciate it. It takes out a lot of extra useless information and retains exactly what is needed. Great examples, great references for further study and letting you, the reader know, that your business strategy needs to be sharp and focused like a sword.

    There are concepts in this book for all businesses from established brands looking to innovate to businesses looking to grow and for the entrepreneur.

    If your interested in learning more about brand identity and strategy, this is the perfect book as a starting point for all.