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  • Sonia M. Lightsey - Fantastic DietI absolutely LOVE this diet even though I am not a "veggie" person. I have been desperately being trying to lose 20 pounds in these last 10 years and have tried numerous times and numerous diets. It is not hard at all to follow but you had better enjoy veggies and cooking!! It is also hard to drink all that water but what is nice is as your weight goes down so does the quantity of water you have to drink. I have lost 7 pounds in 14 days! I HIGHLY recommend this diet.
  • Nicolas - Heaven Is A Glass of MilkI grew up in a small town in the midwest in a pretty big family. 32 kids and 4 house chickens. My father worked at a paper mill, my mother sold cloth at a fabric store. Ironically we didn't have a single book in the house (ironic because books are usually made out of paper) nor did we have a single item of clothing (well, what one would normally think of as clothing: all our clothes were made of fruit bags we would save from the grocer's and sew into shirts, pants, hats, shoes (etc) at the dinner table as my father read scripture) We were always struggling financially. Not because of my parent's mediocre blue-collar jobs or the cost of raising nearly three dozen children. We struggled financially mostly due to medical bills involving the chickens (they all had diabetes and one of them had a bad back). Even though we barely had enough money to eat, my father would always make sure our refrigerator was stocked to the absolute bourgeoning limit with Tuscan Whole Milk 1 Gallon. In fact, for several months we survived exclusively on Tuscan Whole milk, bypassing solid food altogether. And to be honest I can't remember a happier time in my life. When my wife asked me to describe my childhood on our first date, I looked up at her from across the table where we had been trying to enjoy a bottle of lobster port and said, "creamy." And you know what? Creamy sounded pretty good to her in comparison to that lobster port. Needless to say, we were married within a week.
  • a$]-[u - 5 practise tests are worth itI had bought this book for my wife, she was aiming for a score of ~ 600 and found this book quite useful.

    5 free online practise test itslef are worth the book. Her final score was within the range of score she got from Kaplan practise tests.

    Overall, I am satisfied with this book. It might be easy for high potential candidates but good for most people.
  • Taylor - Fascinating Book!The author doesn't attempt to sugar coat a very disturbing topic that, although society attempts to ignore it, actually occurs. The protagonist emerges as a realistic figure who fascinates the reader in that she possesses no remorse for her actions. This book is very graphic,as it stays true to real life.
  • Yoga and Yorkies - Still ScaredThe author came up with a very clever way to tell this story. You know from the beginning that she was kidnapped, and you know that somehow she was saved as each chapter is a session with her "shrink." And yet there is tension and suspense until the very end of the book. I was totally surprised by the ending, and yet I realized the foreshadowing was there. I was completely afraid for the heroine until the very end. Great summer read if you don't mind having your hands shake at the beach.