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  • L. M. Thompson - Probably Their bestAdmittedly, it took me a while to get into this album. I listened to it, after I bought it, expecting another listener friendly album the likes of DSOTM or the Wall, and found this one to be rather tedious to begin with. In fact, I was downright intimidated, buy the 17 minute Magna Opus "Dogs", and skipped to the next song 5 minutes into it. That was then, though, and this is now. About five years after purchasing Animals I listened to Roger Waters Version of "Dogs" on his "In the Flesh" live album, having nearly forgotten all about the orignal album, as it got very little play on my stereo. For some reason, from that moment on I was hooked. I guess what I'm saying is give this some time, if it doesn't appeal to you on your first listen, because this album will pay huge dividends to your ears and mind in the years to come.

    "Pigs on the Wing" is a nice little introduction, but in my book it's more or less fluff around the meat of the album which starts with "Dogs". From the opening acoustic guitar to the final "dragged down by the stone," I can't get enough of this song anymore, and often times wish it was longer, maybe 26 minutes like echos. On the other hand, when I'm listening to the first 4 or 5 minutes, I often wonder why they didn't cut a 5 or 6 minute radio friendly friendly version of it, as well, to release as a single. A searing commentary, this song is, on, you know who you are, the Gordon Geckos of the world.

    "Pigs, three different ones," is also a great song, but somehow pales in comparison to dogs. The only mistake they made on this album was putting "Dogs" at the beginning, because if they'd have put "sheep" first followed by "pigs", then "dogs," a person could have enjoyed the first two songs more with "Dogs" as the inevitable finally. As it is, as good as Pigs and Sheep sound, by themselves, I'm always wanting for more when they follow Dogs. Other then the fact this may have screwed up Roger's concept, musically it would have made a lot more sense.

    But I'm splitting hairs now. Bottom line, this has evolved into my favorite Floyd album, and for a fanatical fan like myself, that's saying a lot. If you own DSOTM, WYWH and the Wall, there is no reason not to complete the set of albums which made the Floyd the rock gods they've become.
  • Ricardo H Scheidemantel - Great book on the most important theme!Great story! And a great book about the currently most important issue for the development of human societies. We are a biological species who managed to protect itself against all its predators, both big and small. This led to uncontrolled growth. Take a look at a picture of the island of Malé, the capital of Maldives, if you want to see how the entire world (including deserts and mountains) would look like in another 300 years, if the birth rates of the 1960's (when The Pill was introduced) were maintained. It's praiseworthy that such a successful writer dares to touch Overpopulation, an issue that is delicate even for the United Nations (see chapter 2 of Population Dynamics and Climate Change) to handle. Working for the largest Development Bank in the world, I've written two books on Overpopulation, addressed to government policy makers. It's really nice to see an author bringing the issue to a broader audience, in non technical terms. Population stabilization policies would be much nicer if most people would be open to talk about it in a more mature way. In the end it's all about the transition from the "ten children family" to the "two children family", where each child replaces each parent on the long run.
  • Heather M. Fell - A much-needed moment of "aaaawwwhhh!!" in my stressful daysOK, I never thought I'd be one of "those people" with pictures of cutesy little animals on my desk, but it has been a stressful year!! I've long been a fan of the Cute Overload website, checking in surreptitiously for an occasional fix of cuteness. Now I've outed myself as a consumer of cute by placing this calendar in a prominent location on my desk - and I have no shame about it.

    Part of my devious strategy was to gift this calendar to two colleagues who sit close to me. So now I'm just one more person with that cute calendar ;-)

    Great captions, often quite hilarious or slightly risque. Always tongue-in-cheek and amusing.

    Enjoy the cute, people!
  • Nasrin - ComprehensiveI think this is the single most comprehensive SAT study book I've come across. I have Princeton Review and College Board's SAT books, too, but this is much more helpful. I've seen Kaplan's study books, too, but the Kaplan SAT book with 12 practice test is the only other book worth getting. By itself, the Gruber's SAT book has tons of practice problems and useful strategies for doing well on the SAT. I love the way the book is organized and the way the material is presented. I think this book by itself will guarantee a higher SAT grade, if you do the work (meaning, do the practice problems, follow the strategies, and take the practice tests).