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  • DiabadassMom - Almost perfectI have had a problem with underarm perspiration since I was a teenager (that's a few decades back). It's unrelated to heat or stress - I'm just sweaty throughout the day! I started using disposable dress shields a few years ago, which is a great help but not a solution. SweatBlock was part of a deal on Amazon when I was reordering shields recently, and with nothing to lose but dry cleaning bills, I decided to try it. It's fabulous!! Works just as promised - apply once a week, at night, before bed. I have a nearly perspiration-free week that follows. My only cautions are the same as indicated in the instructions. Don't apply after shaving, or the product will sting. I find that the skin around my armpit area is a bit sensitive and gets irritated with weekly use, so I've dialed back my usage to about every 10 days, and it works like a charm. I love this product and will stay with it. Thank you!!
  • Jo Fawn - Fabulous Book!This book satisfies my craving for both visual and intellectual understanding of a subject. It also satisfies my intense desire to actually understand the cause of an issue, such as back pain. As someone who has suffered on and off from back pain for many years, finally having some logical and clear idea of the problem is revolutionary. Appointment after appointment with this and that doctor who are not able to give any solid answers certainly got tiring. To finally be able to take my health into my own hands and body is very profound and exciting!
  • Jeff W. Shimkus "Movie Manji" - Incredible amount of responses for this book on this site! And for good reason.Wow,(2,187 votes). This is amazing, and 1,174 are 5 stars, or the highest vote that can be given by people at home! And the important awards for the Road by Cormac McCarthy are astounding.

    First of all, the Road won the 2007 Pulitzer for fiction. In 2006 it received the James Tait Black memorial prize (Wikipedia). If there was a Rotten Tomatoes for books, it would have 100% ratings on the fresh meter. The movie as of today is 75% fresh, which is solid, but in my opinion underrated. And for a moment, I would like to compare the movie to the book. I think the book is more personal, and after I read the book, I felt an ineffible weight on my conscious. I felt kenly aware of the good quality of what I had just read.

    I read in a review from the New York Times of the book that "The Road offers nothing in the way of escape or comfort", and thought, "precisely!" Every turn of "the road" was loaded with intensity and danger. I want to end my review with one last quote, this one from the Bookforum: "Once opened it is nearly impossible to put down; it is as if you must keep reading in order for the characters to stay alive.."

    Note: I do not own this book, I read the book from my library.
  • Tim Wheeler - No more problems!I started using this as a spice a few months ago for many of the foods that I cook for my family. Aside from the terrible taste of my food and the larger number of casualties in my family, I highly recommend this product to anyone who shares a little problem with me. You see, the lights are always going out at night in my house and I always have to pee at night. My wife would always complain about the urine all over the place in the morning. Now, my pee glows in the dark! Say good-bye to wet-sticky toilet seats in dark bathrooms America! A much higher percentage of my urine enters the toilet now.