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  • Simon Hudes - Positively EnlighteningThis book is entertaining, revealing, and satisfying. Aslan manages to artfully string together source material on the historical - not mythical - Jesus that I imagine was very difficult to find and decipher. The three parts tell this the controversial narrative of Jesus's life in a way thy captures the imagination and compels the reader to learn more about the context and theater in which Jesus operated.
  • Carel Miske "Ashz" - Sounds like a great plan for fixing a broken metabolismI was interested in this diet because I've been told by several doctors and nutritionists that my main problem with my weight is that I don't eat enough. My metabolism is in survival mode. However, the diets they gave me were always either just a matter of eating more of what I was already eating or had some sort of a secret to them that I never figured out (and after reading this book I realized that some of my substitutions were probably messing up what the diet was trying to do for me). This book finally makes me understand the method for kicking a damaged metabolism back into high gear and getting it processing food again (rather than storing it as fat).

    What makes this diet seem great is that there is a good variety of food, great sounding recipes, and a goal focused more on revamping the dieter's metabolism than fretting over the weight on the scale (or BMI). Also, the author has a realistic idea about work/life schedules and realizes that not everyone is at home 24/7 to make gourmet diet meals (or even has the cooking ability to make such meals), so she has a lot of suggestions and recipes for quick and on-the-go meals and snacks. The author also uses a very positive and motivational voice throughout the book that makes it fun and quick to read.

    - With the exception of the dairy ban, the diet seems pretty well balanced across the weekly rotation.
    - Requires exercise, but doesn't have unrealistic expectations for the types and frequency of exercise.
    - Has vegetarian and vegan options. The author uses a broad definition of `vegetarian,' so her suggestion for eating eggs and fish might offend some types of vegetarians. However, the vegan option covers those who won't go the fish and egg route.
    - Has options for gluten free dieters.
    - Includes meal plans (so you can dive into the diet without a lot of planning), but encourages you to modify them or create your own from scratch.
    - Lots of recipes look to be tasty and easy. Many of them can be cooked in slow cookers in large batches and frozen for later consumption (like making your own frozen diet entrees).
    - You get to eat a lot and often
    - There are products that can be bought to accompany this diet, but they aren't required (or even mentioned that much within the main content).

    The author has a background in agricultural science, so she often applies how certain foods that we eat are used on animals to increase bulk, etc. Although I can see how this applies (we are animals), it comes across at times as being somewhat out of place. I don't digest food the same as a horse, cow, etc. or have the same nutritional needs as these creatures, so why would a food necessarily do that same thing to me? I would never tell someone to not eat sugar because it gives degus nearly instant diabetes because it wouldn't be logical to do so, so why is the author applying farm animal dietary concerns to humans?
  • Glacierus - Whiners will be whiners...I am getting really sick of all the whinesacks who are giving this game one star for things they had information for YEARS!!!! Why did you guys even buy the game then?

    Graphics: People are constantly complaining about how the graphics look to WoWish. This game looks nothing like WoW. Diablo 3 will always be darker and creepier than WoW will be, and the art style is nothing like WoW. When do you see mutilated bodies impaled on spikes in WoW? Never.. Though the graphics aren't the best, they match the artsyle very well. Diablo 1 is probably the most dark looking of the all, Diablo 2 the most realistic, and Diablo 3 being the most colourful and artistic.

    Gameplay: The gameplay in Diablo 3 is very smooth, despite the occasional lag. The skill tree from Diablo 2 has been removed for a skill line. This might sound bad at first, but in Diablo 2, I found myself just grinding the same the thing over and over again, Baal run after Baal run, just to max out that ONE skill tree. take the Necromancer for example. A bone Nec basically focuses on the bone powers. Occasionally you're going to see a skill that would really help, but it's on a different tree and you don't have enough levels left to get to it. I Diablo 3, I felt like I was playing the game more rather than mindless grinding. The game gives you your skill as you level up and eventually rune to augment those skills. I felt like I had more diversity in Diablo 3 because I was a able to choose which spell I wanted, which runes I wanted, and my own play style. You can sit there all day and say "Diablo 2 had tons of builds," but how often did you see more than two different builds? Again, the Necromancer, all you saw was either summoner Necro or a Bones Necro. Same for the Amazon, Javazon or Bowazon. In Diablo 3, I feel like players are free to play with more freedom with what they're given. So stop whining about how it's too different when really it's really all that similar to the past, and plus, which Diablo was ever the same? People also say it was too easy. Blizzard said that normal was supposed to be easy. The later difficulties are when it gets really hard and you start to get a better drop rate for better items. I will agree Diablo 3 should have had D2's party sytem, it just made more sense. A little side note. Don't buy your gear entirely from the Auction House... Maybe if you haven't found anything better in a while then sure, but don't go out and buy the most OP weapon ever. I think Diablo 3 plays a bit more like Diablo 1 if we're going to compare it. Think about it, we aren't given a HUGE arsenal of spells, but still have the diversity needed. In Diablo 1 you didn't have a huge arsenal either, but it was still diverse.

    DRM: Yes, I know tons of people hate this DRM, but you knew it was coming after years of information. Don't blame Blizzard for it, blame the fans. If it weren't for all the hackers that could just one punch anything with their OP charms, then it would have given less a reason to put it in D3. Also, we can blame the fans again for all the people who sold items on third party sites. How often did you get spammed per game in D2 by an advertisement bot that tried to get you to go buy items? TONS AND TONS OF TIMES. Blizzard saw people were doing this and said, "Hey, where's our cut? We made the items, so why not give us our cut?" And that's how the Auction House was made. As for the Error 37, again it's our fault. we knew what would happen if we all tried to log in at the same time, and what did we do? We tried to log in at the same time..

    Story: The story in Diablo 3, I will agree wasn't all that great. Pretty mediocre if you ask me. But tell me, which Diablo actually had a ground breaking story? None of them, they were each based on the replayability that every Diablo has. The dialogue had it's corny moments like every other Diablo.

    Overall, I think Blizzard did a great job with this game. I see this Diablo keeping interested longer than Diablo 2, not to mention the two expansions coming out hopefully soon and the Real Money Auction House and PvP. Don't listen to all the people giving this game a one star rating because all they want is another Diablo 2. These people fail to realize that Diablo is all about the change. I would give this game a 9.5 out of 10. Despite the occasional lag spike and poor party system, don't forget the mediocre story; this game is amazing,but could use fixing here and there. Also, keep an eye out for the two expansions that are hopefully coming soon, the Real Money Auction House, and PvP. Good Job Blizzard.
  • Lauren Gunderson - Soul matesBanana slicer changed my life forever! Each waking moment I spent trying to figure out how to perfectly slice the banana before Banana Slicer was excruciating and taxing. For many moons I endured this conundrum but I couldn't carry on much longer. In a flash, Banana Slicer penetrated my life and I will never be the same again. I owe who I am today to Banana Slicer; it is my constant companion and loving friend. I may even venture to say that we are soul mates.
  • BeachMom - Volvo XC70 Looks Like New!I have had my 2004 XC70 for about 5 years now, and I am constantly annoyed by how often I have to use the "back to black" type products to keep the trim looking good. There is ALOT of plastic trim on this vehicle and I was getting so frustrated by how faded it had become that I honestly thought about trading it in; I just take a lot of pride in how my car looks. I saw the same type of car in their commercial so I went ahead and bought it, and I can't believe how great the car looks now...it honestly looks better than when we bought it. I had my husband do all the work, since he is a lot more patient with things then I am (he actually reads instructions) and I was totally shocked at the results. Yes, it takes a little time to get the car ready, but when it has been 5 months now that I have yet to even touch the trim with any product, it is totally worth it...it honestly hasn't faded at all. Read the instructions, and do like he did and watch some of their videos. Everyone complaining about the bottle size has NOT TRIED it. Trust me, if you use it like the instructions say, you will likely have some left over; we had about half the bottle left after my car was done.