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  • N. Girard "marz4life" - Greetings from the red planet, TuscanI know, if it weren't for the icy cold jug of Tuscan Whole Milk I was clinging to on my way to Mars I would've become over heated and dehydrated for sure. Then when I got to Mars, I was able to grow my own Tuscan Whole Milk tree simply by planting the empty jug. We even named our flourishing Martian colony after this very special liquid to which we owe our lives. From the beginning, the milk was a savior as the native Martians would've made mincemeat of us for sure if we hadn't been able to offer up such a valuable peace offering as Tuscan Whole Milk. Currently, a committee comprised of native and new Martians are discussing which branch of our new government will be ruled by Tuscan Whole Milk and then we will discuss renaming the planet from Mars to Tuscan. Of course there is some resistance as older people often have trouble adapting to new ideas.
  • K's Daughter "LCA" - BUY IT!THe most important think first after the 14 day cleanse I lost almost a full inch on my "natural waist"(around the navel) and a whooping 1.5 inches of what I will call my tummy (the lower part which exercise doesnt seem to affect).

    I used the acai cleanse along with the fat burner cleanse for two weeks. The cleanse is really a gentle cleanse I was plesantly surprised by that. Yes I did get slight cramps but with a colon cleanse that should be expected HOWEVER not every time I "went" I got cramps.

    The caffiene wasnt too strong to keep me up at night but I did get a bit a of an energy boost.


    *I wont suggest doing heavy exercise while on the cleanse expecially outdoors like the gym because it may "activate"the pills.
    *Take the pills as soon as you get home once you don't have plans to go out.That way you may go earlier in the morning B4 you have to get ready work.

    Yea the sounds coming from the toilet may be a lil embarssing sometimes but those lost inches with no crunches for me was worth it!
  • D. Goodpasture - Excellent insights into the bizarre and little understood phenomenon of unrequited loveThis book seems to bear the distinction of being the only self-help book geared exclusively toward overcoming unrequited love, an obsession which ultimately destroys the self. Mellody a recovering codependent herself offers remarkable insights and strategies for establishing boundaries and regaining and cherishing one's autonomy.
  • Robin - The Bible for Job HuntersThere is a reason this book is the classic - and Richard Bolles has been updated almost every year since the 1970's - his methods work. As a professional resume writer and career coach - I recommend this book to many of my clients - and non-clients.

    If you are looking for a job or a career - BEFORE you start your job or career search - GET this book. If you do the exploration of your own experiences, values, skills, and goals to determine what you really want to do and what you offer - BEFORE you do your job search - you will have a much shorter search - AND have a better chance at finding a job/career that will satisfy you.

    I believe in this book so strongly, that when Richard Bolles still offered it, I spent 5 days at his house to be sure I had chosen my calling in life. I believe, since you spend many, if not most of your working hours at your job, you must be sure you select a job that is a fit for you. This book can do that.

    Once you find your fit - this book offers practical tips on how to find the job that is a fit. Some of the methods may be surprising to those that spend all their time on the Internet applying for jobs - and are important to shortcut the job search. I still believe writing a resume is important - because I believe the process of documenting your achievements on paper is part of the formal process of finding a job.
  • E. Smith - Truly Amazing!This product really is amazing - it really works! I've never suffered horribly bad breath, but have had occasional bouts with it (typically when I'm super busy, don't eat right, and am drinking lots of coffee), and have the "typical" morning breath. Essentially my breath is probably "average". When I first purchased this I really had no idea what it was, it was on sale, and I was sick of the marginal mouthwashes at the drugstore. I don't really care for the typical drugstore mouthwash and the ingredient list in most of them is pretty horrible. I decided to try TheraBreath. The instructions on the back of the bottle are very elaborate, i.e. rinse twice, brush with their toothpaste, dip your floss in TheraBreath. I thought all that was way too much - it'd add another 5 minutes onto my morning routine! I simply decided to replace my typical mouthwash with TheraBreath - and that was it. The first time I tried it I liked it, it was just slightly minty and very neutral in flavor. By the third day I couldn't believe what a difference this mouthwash made! My mouth and breath felt fresh and clean all day long! Morning breath was significantly reduced too! I'd just been using it with my normal brushing routine, once in the morning and once in the evening. At this point I wanted to learn more about the product and what was in it. I spent some time reading TheraBreath's website and reviews on the Internet. I've been a diehard fan ever since.

    People with "average" breath probably don't require the elaborate routine recommended on the bottle. I don't. The product IS expensive, but it's worth it. I keep my eye out for sales and stock up (review the expiration date so you'll know how long you can keep it around - most of my bottles have a expiration date a year or two out). TheraBreath also has sales twice a year where you can stock up at a price per bottle that is less than half of retail. I highly recommend this product!