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  • LilHarleyGirl - She's a beauty!My daughter collects the Holiday Barbie every year. I always try to get her when she first makes it to the stores. This year, I found the African American one but not the Caucasian one in the stores. I also priced her at the store. She was $10 cheaper on Amazon! She was delivered 2 days after I ordered! I can't wait til Christmas when she opens her Barbie!
  • Clair - I was skeptical but it is working really wellI read all the reviews and figured they had to be written by people paid by the company. I was wrong! I have been taking the ketone drops since Monday. This is now Friday and I have lost 5 pounds. I am dieting on myfitnesspal.com which has been helping me but I was not losing it very quickly. I'm sure if you just keep eating 4000 calories a day nothing would help but these drops have really turbo charged my diet results. I haven't really been exercising so literally dieting and these have made weight fall off of me. They advertise on the bottle that it increases your energy. I did not have this result. However, my main complaint about diet pills is that they make me jittery and affect my sleep. These do not do that. And they taste really good.
  • S. WIlliams - Beautiful, Exotic, SuspensefulBEAUTIFUL RUINS draws you in from the first page, combining disparate worlds--1960s Italy, modern day Hollywood and London, the Europe of WWII, even 1840s California--and characters into a can't-put-it-down page turner that culminates in a satisfying, and far from stereotypical, ending I couldn't wait to get to ... And wasn't disappointed when I did. A rarity with sweeping epics that dole out bits and pieces of the story to keep you guessing.

    Fast-paced and frothy enough (lots of sex and drama) to be a beach book, it's smartly written, exquisitely detailed and will stick with you far longer than a typical potboiler. Jess Walter has woven a web of intriguing characters, richly realized, fully flawed and altogether believable. You even find yourself rooting for the rotters. I found it to be almost a lite version of a Wally Lamb epic with some of the same structure, spot-on characterizations and wide-ranging (in time and subject matter), yet intricately connected, story lines.

    I don't want to give away a minute of the journey BEAUTIFUL RUINS takes you on via flashbacks, flash-forwards and manuscripts scraps, other than to say I enjoyed every word. That despite the fact that the original description of "from Italy to Hollywood" left me apathetic. In short, it was a story I didn't even know I was dying to hear until Walter started telling it.

    Worth seeking out, this one is keep-you-up-all-night-reading good! This was my first experience with Walter's work, but I'll definitely be seeking out more by this author in the future.
  • John Keitz - Best Creator Yet, but Not Sure Pro is Worth the Extra Money.I have both Roxio Creator 2011 and Creator 2011 Pro, and while the Pro version sports "five added features" for the life of me I can't figure out what they are. I'm sure they must be important to someone, but apparently not to me.

    I have been using Roxio products since "Easy CD Creator 5" and I have had absolutely zero problems. I know this puts me in the minority, but so be it. I have also found that their customer support is one of the most responsive and coherent in the industry.

    Before getting on to the nuts and bolts of a review, I thought I'd mention what may be causing some people problems with this software. I learned when upgrading from 2009 to 2010 that you have to fully uninstall the previous version before installing the new one. A bit of a pain, but they will send you an email with working instructions if you need it. I followed this process each time, but when I installed 2011 Pro on my Windows 7 64 PC that already had 2010, it installed and ran with no problem. Nevertheless, Roxio informed me that I still needed to go back and remove 2010 or I might have problems. So I did. Furthermore, while some have noted really long installation times, my experience was different. Having read these reviews, I started the install and left to do something else. I came back 46 minutes later, and the install was done. I can't say how much less than 46 minutes it took, but it wasn't hours like some have said.

    I am running Roxio Creator 2011 on a Vista PC with 2.4 Ghz, Duo Core, 2GB RAM. I am running Creator 2011 Pro on a Windows 7 PC with 2.4 Ghz, Duo Core 4GB RAM. On the Vista PC, this was an upgrade from 2009 and 2010 (with complete uninstall). On the Windows 7 PC, it was an upgrade from 2010.

    The very first feature I used on both programs was the 3D conversion. Come on, you would too! It is so cool. The packages both include one pair of cardboard red/green glasses. You can use other conversion methods for different glasses, but most 3D glasses are red/green so this is probably what you will use. The process is incredibly easy. You load up a picture, put on the glasses, and click on the directional arrows until the picture looks right. It is almost like a photo coming into focus. After saving, I put the picture up in full screen on my 25" monitor and it looked amazing! Even the thumbnail is in 3D. I wish I could load my sample for people to see, but try it and you'll be amazed.

    Next, I burned a music CD. I've done so many of these over the years, and generally I have just used Windows Media Player to do this, since that loads quickly and functions fine, but Roxio Creator places a shorter gap between songs, which I prefer, so I use this program exclusively for music CDs now. It uses drag and drop, and it gives you a running tally of how much space you have left. You can also drag and drop to rearrange your playlist before burning.

    Next up was the video editor. This is a fantastic and easy to use editor. I had used the 2010 version before, but this has some minor improvements. I was able to easily take a video (ripped from DVD) for my class, and remove a couple of inappropriate scenes. It includes an editing wheel, so you can make your cuts frame by frame, and the final product looks untouched. There are transitions too, but I generally avoid them as they tend to make the final product look unprofessional (look at a TV show or Hollywood movie, how many of them use transitions?). After finishing the project, it automatically imported the video into the DVD creator. I added a menu and background with music, and burned away! You can even make these in 3D.

    The package comes with a really neat server program which will host your music, videos, and photos for remote devices, but there's a catch. Your server computer must be hardwired, not WiFi, and neither of these PCs I have installed Creator on are hardwired. Consequently, I was unable to use this function. It includes software for the remote PCs too, so it works like a Slingbox for your PC.

    The PC that has Creator Pro also has a Blu Ray drive, so I was able to easily backup my music collection to one Blu Ray disk. Simple, but takes a long time!

    I tried stabilizing video from my smartphone, and there was a noticeable difference. There was also a degradation in video quality too. This may be due to the fact that the original came from a cell phone, but I'm not sure the loss of resolution was worth the stabilization.

    I also use this program to create ringtones. All you have to do is load the MP3, and just trim the parts you don't want for your ringtone.

    About the only letdown has been the ability to "capture web videos." When I open the capture video function, I am given a choice of capture from the webcam, TV tuner, or Bluetooth device. I found no way to capture web video (and I would really like to be able to do that).

    There are too many other features to work through in a simple review. I was unable to test TiVo to go as I have DirecTV, so no TiVo there. Also, I don't have any Apple products, so no iPod functions. I can use the program to convert video to just about any format for my Palm Pre, though.

    One final note. Some people have noted that this expensive software contains banner ads. This is true, and not a good thing. They are unobtrusive, however, and you are more likely to click on them by accident than anything else. Another minor flaw that has existed since the 2010 version: there is a graphical glitch that occurs when pop-up dialogue boxes appear. This is most common when your project is completed, as in a disk burn. Your progress bar will be incomplete, and it looks like the program is stuck. All you have to do is minimize and restore the program and you will see the proper information. This happens with both 2011 and 2011 Pro.

    All in all, this is well worth the money, but I would get 2011 rather than 2011 Pro, since I don't see where the upgrade is worth the money, because as I mentioned I don't see where the actual upgrade is.