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  • jay a chesavage - I bought a copy for the San Francisco Bay BridgeI gave a copy of this book to the Bay Bridge. This is such an important book and topic, especially in the San Francisco Bay region, where we've had two huge ships crash into the bridge supports for the Bay Bridge (San Francisco to Oakland, near the port of Oakland). First we had the 270ft Cosco Busan crash into the bridge supports in 2007 and leak 50,000 gallons of fuel oil into the bay. Then in January 2013, the 750ft Overseas Reymar crashed into Bay Bridge. I hope the Bay Bridge reads its copy before it gets seriously hurt. If that doesn't work, I hope the author writes a sequel called "How to Avoid Huge Bridges", which should be very popular with the foreign ships entering our fine San Francisco bay.
  • Terry Mesnard - This little product surprised meI never expected I would be writing a review for a product like this, especially one that's so personal. But I feel like I need to share my story in hopes that it will help someone else.

    Over the last year, I have been trying to lose weight (halfway to my goal!). As some weight losers know, there sometimes comes a point during dieting where you can become constipated. About four months ago, I hit that point, which can be very disconcerting for anyone, let alone people trying to lose weight. I also suffer from occasional upsets(stomach pain from gas, potentially IBS, diarrhea, etc.). At my wits end, I decided on a lark to try Align based on the commercials, web searches and reviews here at Amazon.

    When you first start taking Align, it's recommended that you start tracking how you feel, stomach-wise. It comes with a four week chart, with helpful hints as to what you should expect, especially as you first start trying it. I was a bit concerned that the first week mentions constipation (when you're already suffering from it, the last thing you want to do is make it worse...), but I decided to just give it a try. The first few days, I didn't really notice much of a change. I still had occasional gas pain and the constipation. But as the week went along, I noticed some changes.

    I stopped following the chart because I'm forgetful and didn't really think about it until I started running out of pills. At that moment, I realized...hey, it'd been a few weeks since I was constipated, my stomach didn't feel upset with me and things were running as they should. But still, I was skeptical and I stopped taking the pills when my four week supply ran out. Within a couple weeks, I started noticing problems starting up again. A week and a half ago or so, I ordered a subscription to Align from Amazon (to get the discount) and within a week, I'm feeling a million times better. I'm more regular than I have been in quite some time, I have absolutely no pain and I'm losing weight again.

    I went into Align, thinking it was a load of you know what. I figured that I'd give it a chance but I was honestly expecting nothing out of it, except being $25 poorer. Two and a half months later and I'm pretty much a believer. I don't think Align will help everyone; it's obvious here on Amazon that you have a load of people who it's worked for and some it doesn't. But I would recommend that, if you're on the fence like I was, you order a box and give it a try. You've really got nothing to lose and it might just work for you like it has worked for me. It's expensive, but, hey, if it helps me with my weight loss goals and making me feel as great as I do right now, it's worth it.