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  • S. Kurtz - Elaine is a Goddess

    Elaine's book has helped many of my friends and family. My father has Chron's, my son has recovered from Autism, and I have food hypersensitivites and the SCD diet worked on all of us. I also own a private school and I contstantly tell parents of children with AD(H)D, Autism, skin issues, Asthma, etc about therapies that include the SCD Diet (and have them read this book). I have been to several (DAN!) conference where Elaine has been a speaker and I have the highest respect for her.

    The book is an easy read and is packed full of ways to cook for your loved ones. It combines science with practical application.

    I am thankful to Elaine for her work and for her book.

    All the best - Stan Kurtz

  • J. Jackson - I Can Smile Again! Real and Lasting Relief!

    When I found Ester's book I had been in serious pain for three months. My doctors gave me Vicadin and then morphine to control the pain, but I still wasn't smiling. I tried exercise, no exercise, special exercise, a ton of money on chiropractors, massage and acupuncture and I still felt limited and unable to smile and enjoy life. I tried an epidural injection and felt somewhat better, but then I found this book. The logical and simple process has given me my life back. After just a couple a weeks I felt real relief and have canceled a second injection in my back that was scheduled. With Ester's book I hope to avoid future episodes and be able to move onto the "rest of my life".