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  • Jan S. Strnad - Now I'm paranoid!I'm frustrated by my inability to buy this book! As I pen these words...possibly the last I will write in this world as I am now convinced I am about to be run over and ground to mincemeat by a huge ship...the book is not available for less than $999!

    Obviously, there is much more to avoiding huge ships than I ever realized. I am woefully unprepared to avoid huge ships and cry out desperately for this information. Why doesn't the government issue a pamphlet to all citizens? Why isn't this part of driver's education training? Why doesn't the community college offer workshops?

    I am alone and desperate and afraid to leave my house lest I inadvertently run into a huge ship.

    Please, can someone create a Kindle edition of this book so that I can end my self-exile?
  • Gayton81 - Worked as advertisedOk so the first day of taking these not too much happened. But day 2 and after, be prepared (ALWAYS). These pills definitely worked and helped clean my body. I recommend doing these when you will not have to travel any length of a distance but are close to a restroom at all times. These made mine and my spouse's bowels move many times (4-6) times a day so that is why I say be prepared because it wasn't something that would be easing up on you and you have time to drive 15 minutes home, it would hit your stomach and you better be able to stop within 5 minutes. Just trying to be as honest as possible. And soyou can plan, it says to take 4 pills twice a day for 10 days.
  • Mrs. Night Owl - Focus is on process and highly tested topicsTo all the aspiring nurses out there: this is not a basic review book. It's more of a tactical guide of how to dissect questions, recognize the important parts, and analyze the answers for some of the most highly-tested subject matter. So instead of thinking about each question in a willy-nilly sort of way, this book teaches you how to get down to business and pick the answer without having to be an expert on the topic.

    The information is set up under the big category names like "health promotion and maintenance" and "psychosocial integrity." Under these headings there are many subsections for individual topics like health screening, lifestyle choices, high risk behaviors... It's just a different layout than most NCLEX books.

    The BEST parts about this book: it really hits the highlights of each topic, and also the practice questions. There are quiz questions at the end of each chapter, then in the immediately following pages there are the answers. The nice part is the question is presented in the answer section as well. So you're not looking in the answer section, having to flip back and forth to read the question on one page, and the rationales for the answers on another. It's all together in the answers section (handy).

    I think this is a good adjunct to a basic review book. At least this is another tool you can use when making that final selection on your exam.
  • Lori S. - An Amazing Find!I'm really getting good at making my morning breakfast drink. This morning I put a handful of baby spinach in the NutriBullet along with half a frozen banana, frozen mixed berries, yogurt mixed with honey and a tablespoon of flax seeds. Instead of water, I put in unfiltered apple juice. Orange juice is good, too. In 45 seconds it emulsified into a tasty, creamy drink. So good and healthy! Easy to clean. I just rinse under running water. I learned I don't need to use ice, just put in frozen fruit.