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  • B. Wagner - Mr. Coffee Latte MakerI love this coffee maker!!!!! It does what it says and is beautifully simple in design. Now, I am not a big coffee drinker(cannot drink coffee black); I have always drunk hot tea in the mornings. But, I started to enjoy the lattes at Starbucks soo much that I wanted to have one every day. I bought an espresso machine but I ultimately stopped using that. This latte maker is the best. I use it almost every day and it tastes just like Starbucks. What a find! I didn't buy it at Amazon but got the 20% coupon at BB&B and picked up the last one they had in stock that day after reading other reviews here on Amazon. You will not regret this purchase. It is soo wonderful when you buy a product and it meets or exceeds what it says it will do. This one does.
  • D. Anderson "online shopper" - Has helped me shed a few pounds!I usually don't purchase pills to help me loose a few pounds because I tend to always try to do it by exercising, but I am getting ready to go on my family vacation in a few days so I needed something to help me shed a few pounds quick. I have a friend who used this particular brand of garcinia cambogia and she recommended that I try it because it had helped her loose some weight. So I took the plunge and tried this stuff out and OMG, I have lost a total of 6 pounds in the past 2 weeks! I am very happy with the results I have gotten so far and will continue to keep taking this until I have lost my goal of 20 pounds. I am so glad that I took my friend's advice and wanted to share my experience because this stuff is great!
  • InfoFish "Swimming the Information Streams" - Required ReadingThey should hand you this book at the hospital, along with your baby boy. Actually, if you read this book before you get pregnant - lol - you might rethink the whole baby thing! BOYS ARE HARD TO RAISE - let's not couch anything. Reading through the chapters on PORN, GAMING, BULLYING and SNEAKING OUT aged me about 10 years in one night. Not that this wasn't stuff we did, of course - BUT - the magnitude of what is available these days is overwhelming. Of course I slept over friends houses and my friends would all sneak out and grab the late train into Manhattan. (For some reason I always preferred to stay in and sleep, hating the cold and snow of NYC winters!!) Now that we live in Los Angeles - it had never occurred to me that MY KIDS would soon be doing the sneak out thing. I didn't want this knowledge - but I am glad I got it from this book and not some phone call at 3 am in a couple of years! This book is the kick in the butt I need right here, right now.

    The author offers a very REAL - going it through it - approach to difficult conversations. How to and why to discuss what NEEDS to be said. I LOVED the way she dealt with the porn issue - the discussion around what is REAL, why this is not good for you, how this is disrespectful to women and finally - computer virus and identity theft (I believe she started with those two). I am going to read and re-read, highlight and mark this book all up. I will recommend it to all my friends with boys. SO grateful that I found it while I have a ten year old so I am not caught - deer in the headlights - when my little Mastermind starts coming of age.
  • Martin Kipfer - a great time saver!I'm a very busy man, and this item has helped me a lot! I usually don't have time to cook a proper meal, so i just put frozen food into the microwave. Thing is, I can't even afford to wait 2 minutes for my meal to heat up...
    Uranium helped me solve the problem : I always put a tiny bit of it in the microwave, along with the food...And it heats up in ONE SECOND ! YES ! Believe me this is fantastic, no more time wasted.

    Plus, the food tastes delicious.
  • Alejandro Olvera Velasco "alexolvel" - Roku, a must have.A must have if you have a decent internet connection at come (I'd say more than 15Mbps). There are tons of content for free, plus if you get netflix and hulu, you pretty much have entertainment forever. I replaced my cable subscription with this and I don't miss it at all! If you don't mind watching tv series differed (i.e. not on the same day they are released in cable tv), or sport events (in Roku it's tricky to watch live sports, though there are paid channels where you can see many), then this is it.