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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 48917 Lansing, Michigan

  • S. Rice "Teacher" - Tons better!I suffer from IBS with constipation and HUGE amounts of gas that I couldn't control. I can laugh off a lot but I was getting really distressed as time went on. My doctor advised me to try Align. I had tried yogurt and other probiotics and they worked for awhile and then stopped working. This has helped TONS! I am pretty much regular and don't get near the amount of gas I once did....and I can hold it in! I highly recommend trying this.
  • Daniel - excellent Samsung Galaxy Tab 2Very good tablet gives me no problem and pretty good battery life want to buy the next galaxy tab 3 10.1. regards
  • Amalia Posada D "Eduardo" - The Best Movie Guide everThis Movie guide is better each year. It gives a balanced picture of most films and it is a great help to all movie buffs. As a matter of fact, my daughter Paloma, who is studying cinema, carries copy of this guide with her at all times!!! Sometimes we don't agree with Maltin's opinion on some some films but usually we do!! I just don't understand how he has had the time to watch so many movies. He is still a young man. Anyway, congratulations Leonard, keep up the good work.
    Greetings from Colombia.
  • Anna "Anna" - I LOVE HER!!!!I am not a Barbie person, but I well could be after seeing this Barbie! She is stunning in her 2013 winter themed gown. The designers clearly had a snowflake concept and they carried it through beautifully.

    She will be a treasure for years for any collector (RR - wink!) or young person who loves Barbie.
  • Melissa Cabic - Christopher Noel is an honest researcher...This is Christopher's second book on this subject, I believe and it is very interesting! If you are into the subject of Bigfoot at ALL you really need to add this book to your library. Chris is one of the best educated, honest and accessible researchers in the field. He doesn't just spit out a bunch of facts, but injects feeling and compassion into his writing. Definitely a page turner.