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  • Kara's Mommy - 5 yr old daughter loves it!Bought this for our 5 yr old to keep her busy in the hospital after her sister was born. She loves it and hasn't put it down since! Her favorite color is purple and she loves the princesses, so this was perfect for her. Love that the case holds up to 6 games . Very glad we spent the extra $30 for the princess addition. A little disappointed with the "free" app that comes with. They only give you one option per category. We got her the ebook, but would have preferred more options. Overall, extremely happy with our purchase!
  • S. Felix - Not a Typical Self Help BookI have read numerous self-help books and few, if any, had a lasting impact on my life. I read the Introduction to "8 Steps..." in a coffee shop while waiting to be served and applied some of the simple principles on the drive home. I experienced back relief immediately. Next day I bought "8 Steps..." and have applied simple steps as I go through each day... driving, walking, sitting and sleeping. My back hasn't felt this comfortable since 1989.
    There is no secret... just compare Ms. Gokhale's picture of the average American spine published in a 1920 medical journal with the spine published in a recent medical journal. We've been taught incorrect posture. Ms. Gokhale has merely looked into history and observed cultural changes over the years to identify the cause for our back pain.
    Her solutions are simple to apply (and our own backs will remind us to apply the principles of "8 Steps...").
    This is not hype... it works. If you have any back pain, buy this book.
  • homer - Beautiful and UsefulAs fans of Downton Abbey, we were happy to see a 2013 engagement calendar featuring the popular series. The photos and quotes are great; the calendar format is the type of week-at-a-glance we like; the calendar numbers and print are nice and large. We were pleased it is a spiral bound book, which was not depicted in the ad. We will enjoy this calendar througout the coming year.
  • Loretto Leary "Celticwoman" - McCarthy is this generations' HemingwayThe Road by Cormac McCarthy

    "The nights were blinding cold and casket black and the long reach of the morning had a terrible silence to it." Casket black, such is the simple language of McCarthy, yet the bleakness of the night is vivid and hauntingly real to me.

    In my mind McCarthy is this generations' Hemingway. His sparsity of language in no way inhibits the reader from envisioning the bleak apocalyptic world depicted in The Road.

    In no way did I find the description of the ash covered landscape repetitive or boring, on the contrary, I kept thinking how could the author continue to describe such a colorless landscape in such varied detail.

    This is a story of hope. Hope that though man has reached the very bottom of humanity, there are still a few who can bring humanity back to humans.

    I could not put this book down. The story made me think how all the things we have are just things, and that what really matters in life is our connections, emotional and physical, to others, this is what makes us hopeful.

    A great book.