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  • Richard S. Myers - Disney tripOne of the best books I have seen on the market for Disney World. Wish my wife and I had this before we took out 1st trip 2 yrs ago. Very useful information. My totally disabled, have to use an electric wheel chiar getting around the parks. This book helps in chooseing what I can see, and how I can see the attraction.
  • Business Owner - A good blend...As a business owner who desires to give as good customer service when mobile to clients as when at the office, this unit can deliver. I use SmarterMail for my emails (Web based) and purchased a hotspot or MiFi if you will, for when I am mobile.

    Originally we planned on getting either the iPad 2 or Toshiba Thrive. However after pro and conning at the store and having the chance to use them in person, we found the ASUS Transformer Prime to win hands down.

    Is this perfect? No. However we do believe in the next year that "Perfect" unit will appear and we will get that then. But for now, we could not be happier and feel the price was right for our budget and needs.

    We chose this because...

    The speed of the Tegra 3 QUAD core was night and day better for what we tested and use all day.
    Windows 7 tablets are to over priced and added no value. Not to mention, after reading the specs of what Win 7 needs and the Tablets have... They are already at a disavantage. Waiting for Win 8...
    Expandability. The 32GB Micro's are $29 everywhere. The only way to expand an iPad 2 is wireless.
    We did not care if it had 2 apps or 2 million apps available. We only cared about it working on the websites we use in our business and the software those run internally. The speed of the software we use sold us.

    One other comment. We found many of the tablets to not be very impressive on WiFi. And depending (It seems) on if you are getting an old stock or a new one (Has 4.0 already installed) it seems you may have one with a bad transmitter/receiver or something. I think until you own them all and use them in your own environment it is hard to know if one is actually better than another. We are very pleased with ours having tested many of them in the store. Our WiFi is on the second floor and I get two bars (Out of four on the little scale) 75' away. No issues inside or outside. AT home this was found to be the same results. Wife commented how we will finally be able to sit outside this summer and enjoy the surfing/music or what have you. Instead of having the laptop fade in and out, not to mention a superior battery life vs. the laptops...

    Not to mention... These are connected to our Router/WiFi (Not counting printers and computers)... TV, Bluray, Onkyo Receiver, Emo AMP, Logitec Revue, DirectTv and now the ASUS Xformer Prime...
  • Jennessa Lever - starts slow but gets amazingThis story began a little slow for me, it felt not quite as the description had promised. Then it picked up and it began difficult to put it down. Even though the chapters are somewhat all with different characters you still feel as though you get invested in the characters and how they are interacting.
  • D. Hobbs "lordboots" - You all miss the point. It's about looks, not function.So, as a Mac user, I bought my computer because it's beautiful. I couldn't think of a more complimentary cable to plug into my gold plated Cisco switch. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful and rich. I party with moviestars and everybody uses these cables because they look better than your nerd herd etherhose crap you use.