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KFx Drug Consultancy Initiative - Learning of Substance - KFx is a drug consultancy initiative run by Kevin Flemen. It seeks to balance a large amount of common sense with up-to-date harm reduction and drug policy information.


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  • Mike Kelly "A Reading Freak" - Mike Kelly's Kindle ReviewI read all the time and found this Kindle to be the best investment, I as a avid reader, could have purchased. I transport it everywhere I go and I don't have to travel anywhere to buy a book. The unit itself is so easy to operate. I especially enjoy the feature that when you shut it down, it reopens to where you left off when you restart it. I was always losing my bookmarks out of the book I was reading. If you are reading this and do not have one, get out there and purchase one, you will not be sorry.
  • Thomas D. Moran "Tom" - Well worth the moneyIt is not the newest design but it works like a champ. What is especially neat is the optional keyboard is a battery, greatly extending the life of the tablet. You cannot get internet access by cell phone as an option and it needs Wifi.
    The only down side is that for some reason the browser doesn't like certain web pages like The Daily Beast and it will just shut itself down.
    And, strangely, the tablet is so thin it is hard to get a case for it. There is a specially designed case for use with the tablet and also the keyboard. It's worth the money.
    Given the reduced costs, it's a good buy but you should get the optional keyboard and case.
  • Dez90 - Amazing, I saw results within one week!I definitely rate this product 5 out of 5 stars. I am 22 and haven't had any experience with diet supplements. I have been taking the 3 pills, twice a day, about an hour and a half before each meal. I don't take them in the morning, I take them before lunch and dinner. It might be my mind over matter, but I am noticing that I am not nearly as hungry nor am I even thinking about eating. Normally, every day I would get a little bored while I was at work and would snack on anything and everything. Since I have been taking the pills, I am only hungry for my meals. I also began changing my diet, I have been eating salads for lunch and dinner. I will add protein with vegetables. With that being said, I have lost 4 lbs already in 7 days. I am down to 125. This might be water weight, but I am still going to keep up with my current routine because it makes me feel great! I definitely recommend this product! But you must change your diet and exercise! I run about 3 times a week and this helps a lot with my energy and how I feel about my body.
  • Will Macpheat - If you want to prepare for 2012, this is the bookI can't say that I am a big believer in any of the 2012 doomsday prophecies. On the other hand, pretty much any of the 2012 doomsday prophecies could hit any time. So, why not be prepared? I received this book as a Christmas present and was quite surprised by the wealth of information in it. There are a lot of good ideas that anyone could use, whether they believe any of the 2012 doomsday prophecies or not. If you want to get one book to prepare yourself for just about any disaster, natural or man made, this is it.