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  • M. C. Dowling "Dowling" - I was lied toI was told that the galaxy tab would not be as good as the ipad and not to expect much... I am sorry but the galaxy tablet acts better than the ipad has ever done for me. The Galaxy ALSO syncs with my computer where the ipad was always a problem. I dont know how to sale things like this BUT it is not a computer, for a web browser AND a comic reader, I cannot beat this device. VERY happy
  • K10 - GreatIt is a must have for Step I. Also a great tool for medical school classes in your first and second years.
  • Joan Coppinger - My gum feels better alreadyI had no where to turn as my regular dentist didn't suggest anything with the pain I was having with one mushy gum; probably the next step would be an Periodontist. I went to a natural toxic free dentist who suggested I see bio thermal technician. She pinpointed the pain area and the cause and told me to try the Hydro Floss with a homeopatic remedy applied separately. The pain went away within 3 days and the gum is healing nicely. I ordered the Pocket Pal deep tips just in case. I highly recommend this product
  • Barbara Hynes "The Hippie Home Economist" - Easier To Use Than That Confusing Computer StuffSpeaking as a mere woman, using the computer to save information is just too dang hard for me! I had to keep asking my sweet patient husband to get up from watching the TV and drinking his beer to help me find my recipes on that dang computer. He finally told me to leave him alone and just get some old-fashioned binders. Well, fiddle-dee-dee, why didn't my feeble little woman brain think of that? I use these wonderful binders to file not only my recipes, but also my dashed hopes and dreams for a fulfilling career that pays a living wage. I never could figure out how to write a resume on that complicated ol' computer, so I use my binders for helpful household hints, like how to remove the stains of bitter tears out of my kitchen apron. Oops, time to get that favorite meat loaf recipe out of my Recipe Binder, and preheat the oven to 1950! Toodles!