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  • Tim R. - 1st Quicken version since 1992 with no issuesI have been using Quicken since 1992 and with each version from 2.0 to version 2011 there have always been one or two features, reports, online connections, etc. that have not worked properly. Items would get fixed or improved with each version, but invariably something that worked in an older version would stop working in the latest release.

    Not so with 2012. This version has worked without issue since R5 (release 5) and all prior download, payee management, and other problems are resolved.

    Nice job Quicken....FINALLY.
  • Jeffrey Berger - Thank you Elaine for saving my LIFE!I was diagnosed in 1979 with Crohn's Disease in the last foot of the ileum. My crohn's spread to my bladder wall, leaving me with constant bladder infections. My doctor, at that time, three and a half years ago, sent me to a surgeon. The surgery was explained that I had a very good chance of loosing control of my bladder and bowel functions from the surgery. At 37 years old, I broke down in tears. That after, 18 years of living with this disease, it might get the best of me. I have been on sulfur, floxin, and prednesione. Prednesione is of course a solution to a crisis anytime. Whether I had severe arthritis, bladder infections or attacks of pain. My doctor told me that if I was fatter maybe there would be a better chance of not having this problem. I am 6,' 175-180. I last took prednesione in February 2000, just coming up on 2 years. I was on 40 mg and tapered until August, When I moved to my own place. Oh my, as I tell my short story this is quite surprising to see it in writing. Emotional, I guess. Anyways. . . . . ..Almost 4 years ago, I was involved in the "foundation" support groups in San Francisco. At one of the group meetings they told us of a special speaker, her name is Elaine Gottschall, a Canadian Author. She told the large group that basically the way Americans eat is so crazy. We were raised to eat animal feed, corn, rice, grains, processed sugar. We consume a tremendous amount of yeast and sugar, allowing our systems to develop a yeast infection or imbalance in the gut. We eat a tremendous amount of processed sugar that feeds the imbalance in the digestive tract. We don't consume enough protein. Protein breaks itself down into any missing minerals and vitamins our body needs. Protein easily fills the stomach with fiber, iron and is certainly better than carbs. Carbs and sugars convert to fat. Protein is used completely with fibrous byproducts. She went in detail about how she discovered a proper way of eating to help her daughter that has celiac disease. Gluten free diet as we know it now. She found through research that people with crohn's and colitis or obesity were helped. The only thing about the diet and she says this in her book is that you need to be a fanatic about the diet. If you don't commit yourself, you will not succeed in total remission and possibly reversal of the disease completely. I changed my diet completely. I have been symptom free for almost two years. It takes only three days to feel better and after a month, doing well. It is a change on lifestyle. When I got sick in February 2000, I believe it was soy sauce used in the Chinese food, I thought I could splurge on, through the peer pressure. The diet is so easy and so common sense, eat pure! Don't eat processed anything. Eat lots of protein. No grains, processed carbs, starches of any kind, processed sugar. I went to my old doctor I haven't seen for 12 years. I told him of the diet Even brought in the book. After living with this disease after 20 years, I have finally got affirmation that what I was doing was the right thing to do. I finally found a doctor that believed in this type of diet and that it was possible to reverse what was "going on" inside me for so many years. I cried that whole way home with happiness flooding my body.