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  • Techno Geek - How to Calculate True CostMost folks are only taking into consideration the marginal cost of the CO2. We must also consider the capital cost of the device itself, and how much its used. Given the warranty is two years, depreciate the machine cost over the amount of water you drink over that period along with the extra bottles and CO2 exchange canisters. Also, one CO2 canister does in fact get close to 60L of soda (if you stop filling after the first air burp). Here is my calc:

    Marginal Cost: $15 per 60L of CO2 = 25 cents per liter
    (it may cost even more if you need to ship from Sodastream)

    Capital Cost: $95+$30 =$125. Assuming you drink 0.5L per day for 350 days per year (remove 15 days vacation). That is 350 L in two years. $125 per 350L = 36 cents per liter (the extra $30 capital is for the extra canister $15 and two water bottles).

    Total cost
    25+ 36= 61 cents per Liter (assuming Liter per day)
    25+ 18= 43 cents per Liter (assuming 1 Liter per day)
    25+ 12= 37 cents per Liter (assuming 1.5 Liter per day)

    You can compare this to a 1.25 liter bottle of Crystal Geyser sparkling water from Trader Joe's grocery at 90 cents - which comes to $72 cents per liter.

    UPDATE Jan 3rd 2012: I am happy to report the 60L canister with less expensive plastic SodaStream machine (not penguin), does in fact provide almost 60 litres of soda (I changed my figures above to reflect that). It also needs to be filled less often, and the plastic bottles do not break (good for kids). Its a no brainer purchase.
  • Trista - My intestines are *finally* back to normal!I had severe food poisoning (or a virus) on June 1st. Since then, I have had trouble with digestion - primarily constipation. Food would seem to get to the intestines and then just stop. I had a distended belly I couldn't get rid of. I am very healthy, eat well, exercise and normally have an almost flat stomach. I was up a pant size. I had a myriad of tests run for everything from parasites, to anything stomach related. I thought I had SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) because it was the only thing I could come up with. After being on several antibiotics, the next thing my gastroenterologist had recommended was a colonoscopy. I even did a bowel prep hoping I would get back to normal. Miralax helped but i didn't want to be on that forever. Finally, after researching probiotics, I chose this one. It was readily available at the pharmacy and had the most active "good" bacterias. I am 2-3 weeks into my 30 day supply and I finally feel like my old self again. There is something like post traumatic ibs, meaning your system has been shocked and it just takes some time to get back to normal. In reading about my symptoms, one doctor wrote that severe food poisoning can knock out good bacteria as well as bad bacteria in your system. I think this would best describe what I had. I was perfectly fine prior to the food poisoning on June 1st. I didn't get a colonoscopy, thankfully, and am so, so glad to feel like I have my body back on a normal, daily rhythm. If you've had something like this, I highly recommend this product.
  • Grace Bartal - An Historical Must ReadExcellent historical chronology! I think ALL history should be taught this way, but with JESUS in the mix the odds of that happening are slim to none. Jesus was a very important figure of history who was, as O'Reilly writes, born a Jew and died a Jew. That he was the catalyst of Christianity should not be a factor in reading this book.