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  • Linda Witherspoon - Best book ever!!!!!!This was one o the best books I have ever read. I felt like I could really relate to Tobias and Tris the ought this book as well as Divergent. Anyone who enjoys a good book with an excellent plot and terrific character development throughout, should definitely consider buying this book. You won't regret it!!!!
  • Kristine D. Drumm "kristinre D Drumm" - InvaluableThis Book is invaluable for any medical trips or missions to the bush in America or any third world countries. Very practical and self explaining even for non medical folks.
  • DaveH - A great bargain for collectors!I have used this book for many years as an information source to help keep my coin collection organized and up to date. The "Red Book" is trusted and recognized by other collectors and dealers everywhere. What I like about this particular format of the book, is that it features a looseleaf spiral binder and print that is easy to read without squinting or using a magnifying glass! Also, because it is so logically organized, it's easy to skip from one denomination to another quickly. Additionally, it is richly illustrated with pictures of the coins and contains information to help assign grades to your coins. You need to understand that the prices in this book are average retail prices at the time of printing, which is done in the spring of the year for the following year; e.g. spring of 2011 for the 2012 edition. So, the further you are away from the print date, if you have a particularly valuable piece you wish to sell or trade, you may want to check another source prior to selling. With gold and silver prices going nuts these days it's difficult for anyone to keep up with current values! (While precious metal prices do not figure heavily into collectible coin prices, they do have some impact.) There is also a companion "Blue Book" by the same publisher that has basically the same information but lists dealer prices instead of retail. I would say that the Red Book is an absolute "must have" for the collector because of its recognition by others, respect in the collecting world and complete ease of use.